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13-24 doz $10.75 ea doz
25+ doz $10.49 ea doz
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How can you possibly claim to be paperless? •
When a customer places an order, we receive it as an email. We use the contents of that email to create the shipping label, the packing slip and send those as a digital file to our Shipping Department. The Shipping Department prints the label, the packing slip, boxes up the contents and sets the package on the loading dock. When the order is on the dock, the Shipping Department re-files the email in our "Completed" folder. The only paper we use is the box and label! As paperless as we can get!
Tell me about shipping •
Our General Catalog styles ship out from upstate New York within 1 business day after you place your order. You may order Overnight Service if necessary but not Same Day - Overnight Service. It will ship out the NEXT business day.

Our warehouse is located in upstate New York, so sorry, if you are in NYC, direct pickup is not possible.

Yes, we ship outside the USA. International customers may choose International Priority Mail or UPS. Our Shopping Cart will charge shipping charges up to the border of the destination country. The customer will be responsible for Customs import fees and UPS brokerage charges. UPS is always more expensive but takes less time and features advanced tracking. International Priority Mail is less expensive, can take up to two weeks to arrive. Tracking accuracy outside the USA is uneven. Still, it is a cost-effective way of receiving your package if time is not of the utmost importance.

Here is a chart with the UPS transit times from the warehouse.

yellow = 1 day
brown = 2 days travel time
green = 3 days
dark brown = 4 days
orange = 5 days
grey = 6 days
Why are you so lame on Social Media? •
Now, now, now . . . we are not so very lame!

Social media is hard, it takes up a lot of resources in a company. Or maybe we are not so clever :-).

We try to stay active on facebook but we do it in spurts of time, then we have to get back to work. We just think that our customers prefer good cheap sunglasses and fast shipping. We'll leave the cute, snarky tweets to someone else!

More about our New Year Glasses - Our New Year Glasses are so much fun! You will start to smile the moment they arrive at your door. We do ship these worldwide, so make sure to get your orders in early. It can up to two weeks for our products to get to Australia! The heavy frames we use for this style and the glitter that smothers these beauties for 2015 make each dozen set of sunglasses a bit heavier than our other "everyday" sunglasses. So the shipping costs you see in the shopping cart will be a little high. We do our best and New Years comes but once a year! Enjoy
Shades of Fun! News - October 2015 - Hey college and universities all over the world! One of the best back to school orientation ideas is to give incoming or returning students a great pair of customized sunglasses. If you are welcoming in a new freshman class, let us imprint the year of their graduation right on the sunglasses. Administrators will be so surprised and amazed how many students will save those souvenirs for all four years then wear them to their graduation ceremony four years later!