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Cheap Custom Cakes : Indianapolis : Devil's Food Cake and more!
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Local Bakeries Rock!

We know you want to do the right thing for your birthday boy or girl. A beautiful custom cake delivered right to your door is a very good idea for a birthday present! These local bakeries will be able to hook you up with a fantastic cake of any size! Crawfords Bakery & Deli, For The Love of Dogs A Dog Bakery, MCL Restaurant & Bakery and Taylor's Bakery.

longs bakery flag in indianapolis

People in Indianapolis have some great choices for bakeries in the city. For baked goods and pastries downtown it's hard to beat Shapiro's. Everything is baked fresh there on site. For what many locals consider the best bakery in the city though, you may visit Broad Ripple to Rene's Bakery. Photograph above: Long's Bakery is a family bakery started by Carl Long in 1955.

Make sure you discuss ingredient alternatives for butter, sugar and other calorie-adding substances. Some of these bakers are very skilled in eidble flowers and cake ingredients that won't add to your waistline!

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Of course we can even personalize sunglasses for you -- your wedding date, your logo, your slogan -- you got it!

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