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Starting Point: Cancun Airport ADO Bus to PDC Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo    
15 pages, take our tour, reservations not required, local taxis are right next to the Bus Terminal  

Approaching view of the ADO bus terminal on 5th avenue and juarez in playa del carmen, note the taxis lined up or as the europeans say, queued up right next to the depot

In Playa del Carmen, the ADO Bus Station at Juarez and 5th Avenue

The 45-minute ride from the Cancun Airport to the ADO Bus Station in Playa del Carmen is actually very pleasant. The bus follows the route called Highway 307 through and past Puerto Morelos. There is a bus stop in this up-and-coming fishing village and chances are good your bus to Playa del Carmen will stop here for a quick moment to let people off or on.

Highway 307 is a straight north/south highway that follows the coast of the area of Mexico known as the Mayan Riviera on the Yucatan Peninsula. It is 23 miles from Cancun to Puerto Morelos and 42 miles to the bus terminal at Playa del Carmen. For visitors to PDC who want to have a looksee at Puerto Morelos, it's a 19-mile ride. Taxi drivers are more than happy to drive you there -- that's a big fare for a local.

Once you get off the bus at the bus station in Playa del Carmen, travelers will walk through the ticketing lobby and out the front entrance onto the corner of 5th Avenue and Juarez. A line of taxis is always waiting right outside the door. In the photo above, you can see the junction of 5th and Juarez with the taxis lined up on the right. In the next picture in this tour series, we showcase other views of this important corner.

Fifth Avenue and the shops, hotels and services along its way spans a solid, solid 2 miles long. Shop after shop after shop, with a dizzying array of restaurants, bars and souvenirs along the way are thre to test the mettle of the most intrepid traveler.

Take the tour of the Bus Station at the Cancun Airport and the Playa del Carmen downtown Terminal • Select any starting point from the list below! Know before you go -- about the 'helpers' at the airport.

Cancun Airport Open Air Bus Terminal DepotRed Shirt EmployeeBus Terminal approach from the West along JuarezTaxi line in Playa del Carmen along Juarez at 5th AvenueTaxi Sign in PlayaColorful Mexican plates for sale across from Bus Depot • Typical Taxi in Playa • 5th Avenue Head of Taxi line5th Avenue entrance to ADO Bus TerminalInside ADO Bus Terminal in PDCInside Terminal CounterArrival and Departures BoardFront of bus in Depot at Playa del Carmen • Cash Machines at Terminal in PDC • Outside ADO Terminal in Playa del Carmen, view north along Fifth Avenue

Best Tip:
Knowledge is the ruler. Read all you can about the international arrivals corridor once you are through customs. We cover it extensively in this little tour to the ADO bus terminal, but don't rely just on us. Look at other travel related websites or ones which focus on arriving to the Cancun Airport. The others may not be as harsh as we are in our writings, but if you look at our crazy sunglasses, you'll see that we like to take things to the extreme sometimes!
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