maui jim logo features a colorful blue font and a parrot sitting on a perch against either a rising or setting sun
Cheap Maui Jim Sunglasses • Knockoff Sources, Wholesale
Maui Jim Sunglasses include a style of sunglasses called "Kardashian sunglasses". Did you know that? Maui Jim brand sunglasses are made with the outdoor living in mind.

maui jim sunglassessurfboard with really cool painting

surfboards painted like van's sneakers

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They are a preferred genuine brand of sunglasses by surfers, boater and even fisherman because of the way their lenses are helpful in removing the glare of the brilliant sunshine. But because of their high performance eyewear, there are many manufacturers who produce knock off Maui Jim Sunglasses, fakes, counterfeits and replicas.

If you are real fan of Maui Jim Sunglasses, you won't have to click on this album cover below to know what it is!

can you name the original beach boys?

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bikini lady wearing sunglasses and not too much else
do you know where this pier is?
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