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Revo sunglasses are pretty high end shades. Heady stuff for the luxury set. We chose another road.

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Revo's Incredible Technology
Revo LMS (Light Management system) utilizes a coating technology developed by NASA to fine-tune light frequencies to give you the best possible vision. The finished lens works like a graphic equalizer to selectively transmit light that is most beneficial to vision while potentially harmful irritating light is minimized.
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That Wayfarer style has been around so long, the style is getting a little old. Jack Nicholson can pull it off, it's almost like a signature for him. Try something new and wild. We have a huge collection of novelty sunglasses at low prices. Rhinestones, glitter, glamour! Whatever the designers are offering, we've got way for fun than them!

Revo Sunglasses high fashion but we have retro and more! Revo makes great sunglasses, but our hot red rhinestone sunglasses are hard to beat! Come see!

Revo® sunglasses are a brand that was developed by an optical engineer. This was not just any optical expert, but one who was working on a NASA research project as part of his first occupation
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Customized Sunglasses Houston - Some of the best shopping in western states of the USA are found in and around Houston, Texas. Some of these great malls and shopping centers includes these neighborhoods: Woodlands Mall, Uptown Park, The Shops at Houston Center, The Galleria, Rice Village, Katy Mills, Highland Village, Downtown Tunnels, Conroe Outlet Center, Centre at Post Oak. As good as they are, none of them offer customized sunglasses Houston. At Shades of Fun, we offer those classic Wayfarer style sunglasses in so many colors. Whether you need sunglasses for your college group or university -- even marching bands and cheerleaders. We put your logo or text right along the sides of the sunglasses. Fast and cheap, try us!

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October 2014 - Love the Fall colors, but of course, we will always love the beauty of white! Looking for the best cheap white sunglasses? Wait until you discover the two choices we offer for super fun white sunglasses. Our first choice is an all-white pair of sunglasses. We offer them by the dozen -- you can buy as few as one dozen of them for the girls in your wedding party!

We offer cheap black sunglasses for the groomsmen to match the ladies!

Of course we can even personalize sunglasses for you -- your wedding date, your logo, your slogan -- you got it!

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