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Elton John 60th Birthday Party in New York CIty March 2007 •  

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He wears a jeweled crucifix on top of his white shirt and surprisingly calm sunglasses.
Elton John 60th Birthday
• March 2007
• Madison Square Garden

Elton wore a very tame tuxedo for his 60th birthday concert. But he could not resist . . . the back was embroidered with birthday wishes for his 60th celebration!

From the front, you could not see the embellishments on the back of his jacket. Has our Elton gone soft at 60 years old?

They were bejeweled but very restrained. We miss the old guy but we do undertand how it could all get just too much.

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Elton John's Birthday (continued from top)  

Elton John's fans attended his birthday concert. Many of them participated in a fundraising cruise around New York City. You may view information about the fundraising cruise and the many other charitable programs on his official website. Oddly, he does not have any sunglasses for sale there. You can count on us for that! Here is one of the birthday cakes the fans created for him.

birthday cake sunglasses The Friday night birthday party was held at the Cathedral of St John the Divine. The Cathedral's entrance has along set of steps with only a center handrail. The night of the party, there was a light rain. It is easy to see how Donatella Versace took a slight tumble walking up the steps.
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About the Cathedral of St John the Divine  

The cathedral has been under construction for well over one hundred years and is not expected to be completed for another 100 years. It is a New York City landmark and is located in Manhattan on the northwestern area of the island.

It is located in the neighborhood known as "Morningside Heights" and in fact, there is a sharp geographic drop off in topography just behind the church. You can see this drop in the city's Morningside Heights Park.

[Pictured to the right: Workers begin to decorate the outside of the cathedral during the day. Preparations for the big 60th birthday celebration were the talk of the town amongst professional event planners. Planning parties for Elton John is a full time job!

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