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Supply Sources for Maui Jim Sunglasses, New York
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Maui Jim Sunglasses are among the most well made sunglasses in the world. As a result, they are targets of knock offs and counterfeits. The replica sunglasses business is in full swing trying to duplicate the Maui Jim sunglasses style and capture the low end knockoff market. Maui Jim is well known for its high performance lenses. Fake Maui Jim sunglasses will not feature high grade lenses at all. Knock off sunglasses rarely provide any real level of optical clarity. Maui Jim, the official company cares very much about the integrity of its brand name; customers who are searching for official Maui Jim Sunglasses should look for those vendors and suppliers who are offical vendors of the brand. It is much less likely that official Maui Jims will be found on the tables of flea markets.

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Guangdong province

Maui Jim Sunglasses:   Atoll, Kihei, Pilot, Alana, Akamai, Keiki, Canoes, Banyans, Hapuna, Hanalei, Sugar Beach, Breakwall, Turtle Bay, Ho'Okipa, Kanaha, Makaha, Sand;y Beach, Sunset, Makaha, Lahaina, Kona, Paradise, Runabout, Hawaii, Moana, Pali, Ka'Anapali, Kapalua, Wailea, Kukuna, Alana, Bamboo, Palms, Hibiscus, Lehua, Offshore, Volcano, Typhoon, Lagoon, Kaimana, Stingray, Navigator, Peahi, Malia, Seafarer, Hoku, Shaka, Whitecap, Cyclone, Topsail, Beachcomber, South Shore, Kala, Harbor, Shoreline, Nalu, Big Island, Akoni, Kahuna, Lanai, Kapena, Bayfront, Sandalwood, Breakwater, Sandbar, Maka, Jula
Did you know -- the center of the wholesale sunglasses industry in New York is on Broadway? Not the Broadway of the theater district, no it is rather the Broadway of the wholesale goods district. If you are shopping for wholesale designer sunglasses, begin at Broadway and 31st Street and walk south to 26th Street. Don't forget to look along the side streets and upstairs to the second and third floors of these tightly placed buildings.

Spotting fake Lozza sunglasses - A lot of vendors who need to maximize the profit potential of the retail stores and festival flea market stalls turn to manufacturers which offer fake designer sunglasses. These sunglasses are often made to be just a little bit different than the original design. Often this difference in design or logo placement is just enough to keep the fake designer out of the copyright court system.

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More about the Bottega Veneta Company: Founded in the earlier 1960's, Bottega Veneta is a manufacturer of consumer goods, mainly producing men's and women's glasses. The company is reputed for quality and exclusivity. Bottega Veneta is known for its signature leather goods. The company merged with the Gucci Group in July 2001. Bottega Veneta was launched as a family business of luxury leather accessories in Venice back in 1966.

Today designs both a men's and women's ready-to-wear line. German-born Tomas Maier took the helm in 2001 and revived the flagging brand by injecting a more modern feel and reworking the traditional woven leather signature.  

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