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Counterfeiters who create fake Maui Jim brand sunglasses use inferior materials for lenses and frames. For those who seek the lens quality of the Maui Jims, buying strategy should be to locate licensed Maui Jim sunglasses.

The ease at which products are duplicated at knock off factories is astonishing. Computer laser devices scan a product, whether it is a pair of sunglasses or a handbag or even a car, and almost instantly, manufacturing instructions are available for a factory to begin the counterfeit product production.
Products are knocked off at such intense speeds it is astonishing. Platforms serve as the stage for the original product and through a series of 3-D laser scans, production instructions are created for the manufacture of the duplicated -- or counterfeited -- product.
Maui Jims
Guangdong province

Maui Jim Sunglasses:   Atoll, Kihei, Pilot, Alana, Akamai, Keiki, Canoes, Banyans, Hapuna, Hanalei, Sugar Beach, Breakwall, Turtle Bay, Ho'Okipa, Kanaha, Makaha, Sand;y Beach, Sunset, Makaha, Lahaina, Kona, Paradise, Runabout, Hawaii, Moana, Pali, Ka'Anapali, Kapalua, Wailea, Kukuna, Alana, Bamboo, Palms, Hibiscus, Lehua, Offshore, Volcano, Typhoon, Lagoon, Kaimana, Stingray, Navigator, Peahi, Malia, Seafarer, Hoku, Shaka, Whitecap, Cyclone, Topsail, Beachcomber, South Shore, Kala, Harbor, Shoreline, Nalu, Big Island, Akoni, Kahuna, Lanai, Kapena, Bayfront, Sandalwood, Breakwater, Sandbar, Maka, Jula
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Spotting fake Montblanc sunglasses - A lot of vendors who need to maximize the profit potential of the retail stores and festival flea market stalls turn to manufacturers which offer fake designer sunglasses. These sunglasses are often made to be just a little bit different than the original design. Often this difference in design or logo placement is just enough to keep the fake designer out of the copyright court system. The greatest threat to the profits of fashion designers all over the world is not the idea of copying original work from one designer to the other. Rather the threat is from counterfeit manufacturers who make inferior quality copies. These illegal counterfeiters grab the designer's products, like sunglasses, and immediately set about making exact copies. Exact, that is, if you don't account for quality metals, plastics and lens quality. Counterfeiters don't care much about being caught and charged with crimes. The profits are so enormously large in fake Montblanc sunglasses and other more well known designers, that counterfeiters can afford to pay all the lawyers they need without leaving the hot tub.

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More about the Montblanc Company: The Montblanc company has expanded its business throughout the 20th Century from its core of writing instruments. They are now manufacturing sunglasses.

The line is sophisticated and high-quality luxury. Montblanc sunglasses focus on timeless beauty, style and quality.

The Montblanc logo is a white star. It has become a symbol of culture and social recognition. The Montblanc brand stands for values that underscore people's efforts to preserve their identity and individuality in a time of constant change.

Their design of classic black and gold has its roots in the style of the legendary Montblanc writing instruments! They use the highest quality materials possible in both their pens and their sunglasses. They use an exclusive acetate material and a refined and gold-plated metal. The Montblanc MB star, which appears as a most distinctive symbol on all the sunglasses, denotes perfect craftsmanship and lends a unique accent.  

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