Shown here on black frames, we used a nice flowing swimming icon ahead of the name of the swim team on one side of the sunglasses. On the other side of the arm is the team's proud declaration that they are champions of the county. Vag Rounded font, a nice easy to read typeface with well balanced characters for a smooth read. Our light blue ink was used on both sides.
We created a unique swim team icon for this client. The artwork demonstrates a unisex swimmer at full out of water height performing the competitive breaststroke. The swimmer bursts up and out of water in a pool swirling within their swimming action. We think the simple icon generates the energy equivalent to the energy created by the swimmer in a breaststroke competition. For the name of the team we used the "Clarendon" typeface. On the other arm of the logo sunglasses, the swim team wanted to boast a little of their accomplishment, so we splashed, "NE Region Champs" across the arm.
A youth swim team approached us to determine if we had any unique ideas they could use to create sunglasses for their swim team. Of course we did! We asked questions about the team, what kind of sunglasses they had in the past, what their team colors were, etc. When we heard, "Bear Down", as one of their team's motivational slogans, we knew we had our idea. We paired the idea with a simple icon of a swimmer indicated only by the outline of a swim cap and goggles. We chose a font called, "Permanent Marker". The typeface matches the strong idea of the slogan and fits the command it provides. On the other side of the sunglasses arm is the name of the team. Apt.
A swim team whose school mascot is a tiger approached us to find some ideas for their sunglasses logo. We took a swatch of tiger stripes and used the design as bookends to a simple swimmer icon. Because of the natural energy of the tiger stripes themselves, it really looks as though the swimmer is working through pool water with tremendous surges of powerful waves. On the opposing arm, we imprinted differently. We used the Varsity font to illustrate the name of the swimming program: TigerSwim. On a high gloss black frame, we imprinted this swim team logo in -- what else -- orange ink.
Two sides of the sunglasses are printed here, each side is a different imprint. The left-side-as-worn style showcases a simple but effective breaststroke icon. It is followed by the name of the team, the exciting, "Tornadoes". On the opposite side is the nickname the team like to call themselves, the "California Kings". Both sides are printed in yellow ink, in Komika Title Boogie font for extra excitement.
We created this style of imprinted sunglasses for swim teams as an extra idea. No names are used on this design, just a classic simple swimmer in motion icon placed between two delicate lines. Each line features a lightweight dot at the outside edge of the accent line. This is an extremely elegant design idea for swim teams considering sunglasses as part of their regular equipment or as a fundraising item. It is generally understood that our sunglasses imprinted with a logo can retail for $6 to $8 per pair. This is a high quality product that provides the swim team with a high profit fundraiser.
The Tidal Waves contacted us to create something cool and young and unique for their girls' swim team. Did we have any ideas for swim team graphics for sunglasses? You bet. They told us they wanted pink ink, that their swim team colors included pink. We have a lot of experience working with young girls and we know they love their hearts. We created the swim goggles icon in the center of the design idea, placed a thin line on either side of the goggles, then at each outside end is a good size open heart design to round out the idea. On the other side, we included the name of the team in "Cookie" font. They loved and we loved it, too. Great idea.
An elegant, modern logo suggestive of a swimmer working his or her way through waves with smooth movement is placed in the center of the imprint area on each arm of these sunglasses. We printed this logo in white ink which really pops on the high gloss black sunglasses. Note that if you are interested in this logo and would like to replicate it for your swim team, then order a "two side different" logo. We have flipped this logo around to accommodate the different direction of the swimmer, thus the price will be calculated as a two-sides differently printed logo. Great idea!