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A+ reviews. 5☆ In earlier times, the movement of Summer Christian Youth Camps was on a downward trend. That could not be further from the case today. Religious camps for young people throughout the United States and Canada or certainly on an upsurge


Summer Christian Youth Camps


Style iMR00 - Colored Mirror Lens Sunglasses Black frames, five different color lenses including classic silver mirror. Blue, green, yellow, red, silver lenses. Highest quality plastic frames, high gloss finish. Minimum per color is 24 pair. Minimum order is 100 pair. Full UV. Use our art for free or submit your own.

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Set Up
A Christian camp in the midwest of the USA recently ordered a package of 500 pair of camp-branded sunglasses. They selected or color lens mirror style sunglasses. At 500 pair, they received our lowest bulk price for their order. Included were 100 pair each of the five colors offered in our line: blue, green, silver, red and silver mirror lenses. One one side of the arms, they branded each pair of sunglasses with the camp name. Each different color lens was assigned to be distributed to each of the 5 camp groups. Shown above are the logos for the "Divinity Group". The ink color of blue matches the lens color of the style.
Among the Best Summer Youth Camps in the USA
Camp Robin Hood: Freedom, NH
Camp Vega: Fayette, ME
Camp Robindel: Moultonborough, NH
Camp Lenox: Otis, MA
Camp Sangamon: Pittsford, VT
Camp Weequahic: Lakewood, PA
Camp Cody: Freedon, NH
Camp Twin Creeks: Marlinton, WV
Greenwood Trails Summer Camp: Winsted, CT
Rawhide Ranch: Bonsall, CA
Camp Chateaugay: Merrill, NY
Summer Christian Youth Camps need bulk sunglasses
While some campers are fortunate enough to attend camp for all eight weeks of the camp session, most are not so lucky. Depending on the rules of the camp, a campers attendance session can be as few days as one week, with many typical standard sessions spanning 2 full weeks of time. As different children cycle in and out of the camp, many introductory traditions start up all over again each time a new session begins. One of the first traditions campers experience is the welcome kit, the gift basket of products. Included in the gift basket have always been t-shirts, but as knowledge grows about the importance of wearing UV protection sunglasses, camps have begun to distribute camp-branded sunglasses as part of the uniform package. There are thousands of young people who attend summer youth Christian camps and they all need t-shirts and they all need sunglasses.
Attendance Statistics, USA and Canada
Because there are so many different types of summer camps for Christian children, it is impossible to find reliable statistics to calculate the number of children who attend them each summer. However there are many organizations that bundle together various types of Christian associations. Some are membership associations drawn together by region, other are by denomination. It can't be overlooked that within Christianity, there are different groups as well, meaning there are Baptist camps, Methodist camps, Catholic camps, etc. Included in the category of summer camps are sleepaway camps and day camps. The message, activities and strategy of a day camp versus a sleepaway camp make each of them distinctly different, yet both of them are under the banner of Christian camp.
Save your soul → Save your eyes
As the 21st century has progressed, it is virtually understood by all that sunglasses with UV protection on the lenses is a necessary piece of equipment for protection from the harmful rays of the sun. Sunglasses for children at youth camps have become a standard giveaway in the introductory welcome basket, of equal importance to the children as there group t-shirt. At this time, we are considering the addition of offering prescription lens services to prospective campers as a means of their participation in the camp sunglasses program.
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