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A+ reviews. 5☆ Skateboards started out pretty spare and bare in the 1960s, became a bit more popular on the fringe in the 1970s, washed out a little in the 1980s, came on strong in the 1990s and has been a trending upswing ever since.


Style iMR00 - Colored Mirror Lens Sunglasses Black frames, five different color lenses including classic silver mirror. Blue, green, yellow, red, silver lenses. Highest quality plastic frames, high gloss finish. Minimum per color is 24 pair. Minimum order is 100 pair. Full UV. Use our art for free or submit your own. More choices here: Mirror Lens Colored Frame

Price Chart • iMR00
Set Up
We love this design for skateboard sunglasses. We created it especially for one of our camp customers who wanted to find a cool slogan design to brand sunglasses they could sell at retail. The "I pipe" slogan on the side is matched with the simplest design possible of a pipe silhouette. We love the way it looks. On the other side, we used a standard skateboard slogan. Our design difference is that we played with the space between the characters. That technique in graphics and typography is known as "kerning". We opened the spacing up between the characters and added just a little bit more between the two words. The result is delicate, airy and very sweet. Font used is "rock salt", the ink is white on the high shine black frames.
Summer Skateboard Camps: What to look for
The best summer skateboard camps will have the type of instruction level and facilities that your child needs. If a child is an absolute beginner, the first "up" on a skatboard will be an exhiliarting and frightening experience. Look for progressive instruction programs. When a child congquers the skill to get on and off the board without falling, the instructor will progress the child to grind and then perform tricks. Your child may come home from cap with a new language. Beginner tricks learned may be: ollie, kickturns, 50/50 grinds, rock n rolls, board slides, truck stands, and manuals. If you know the tricks your child wants to learn, then you can ask if that instruction is available at the camp before signing up.
Advanced Skateboard Skills: Learning Now
The mid-level skill skateboarder will know with great precision which tricks they want to learn next. They will know very well the equipment that will be needed at camp in order for them to advanced to the next level. At a minimum, the summer skateboard camp will need the following categories of hard on the ground equipment: Launch ramps (kickers), box jumps, wave ramps, quarter pipes, spines, half pipes, vert ramps, bowls, pyramids and rails. The "bowls" are one of the most photogenic and iconic mainstays of the skateboard world. Shaped as a cereal bowl, bowls resemble in-ground swimming pools. Skaters start at the upper edge of the bowl, then drop into it to generate speed and catch air. The feel of being inside a bowl for the skater is much different than the experience of a quarter-pipe. The leg muscles have to work the body differently; instructors at camp will guide the camper toward this advanced skill mastery.
Skateboard Sunglasses: Cheap & rugged
We are so happy that our sunglasses are included in the camp stores of some of the largest skateboard camps in the country. Showcased on this page is our iMR00 style. It features the type of rugged construction at a low price that active teenagers need. Priced low so that energetic skateboarders can afford to buy more than one pair if necessary during the camp session. They also make easy smart souvenirs to bring home for family and friends. Most of the top skateboard camps include both indoor and outdoor facilities for skateboarders. When outside and not on the ramps or pipes, campers have to get into the habit of protecting their eyesight from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Our sunglasses offer full UV protection on their color mirror lenses.
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Hello there: Shades of Fun! has been online since 1998. We established ourselves by offering novelty sunglasses in 1998; customized sunglasses in 2002. Recently, we expanded our line of promotional products to include embroidered baseball caps and custom glass bar. Soon, we will feature plastic stadium cups, sport bottles and other drinkware products. It's very exciting and very busy!

Our prices are the best in the business, our customer service is fully committed to providing each customer with five-star quality attention.

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Shades of Fun! News
Happy New Year! Football all over the USA is in full swing and we are zooming toward the Super Bowl! If you are a member of a fan club and want a good fundraiser, take a look at our personalized sunglasses! Print your club logo and select your team's colors, sell them for 3x what you pay and raise some money for those less fortunate!

At Shades of Fun, many of our customers are colleges and universities which use our personalized sunglasses as giveaways at recruiting conventions. They will imprint the name of the school, the web address and often the telephone number of the school. With almost 20 styles of sunglasses available for imprinting, our company can create a recruiting promotion for any college or university designed to appeal to any department or subject program.

You may see our full line of personalized sunglasses in consideration for your bulk group purchase needs! As a special event planner, are you planning a music festival or other special event, take a look at our cheap stadium party cups. For those planning a super big party, we now offer custom champagne glasses for parties, weddings and fun celebrations.

Shades of Fun! is a promotional products supplier based in New York.

We are also adding custom drinking bottles for your sports promotion marketing campaigns.

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