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A+ reviews. 5☆ For couples who are clearly in love, consider our see-through clear plastic sunglasses. Imprint your logo in one or two colors of ink. Completely blissful party sunglass for your wedding or other special event.


Style iCR00 - Crystal Frame with Lens Tint Sunglasses
Pristeen clear transparent plastic all around these frames. Sturdy, non-fading polycarbonate material. Silver metal embellishment charms on the front and far edges of each side. Just for even more of a touch of class! The standout feature of these personalizable sunglasses are the lenses. Full beautiful UV in gorgeous contemporary color lenses. Lenses have been polished with a mirror finish to reflect the wonder around you.

Price Chart
Set Up
Minimum: 100 pair. Minimum per color: 24. Price is for the finished sunglasses with a one-side imprint.
An entrepreneurial start up company in Colorado approached us to create promotional sunglasses for their launch party. They wanted something whimsical with a tinge of 1960s flair. We chose the Swanky font and matched their branded orange color ink. The company selected the clear frames of our iCR00 style with the red lenses.
See-through Me & You for a Perfect Day
After just six months of dating, Carly and Jan decided to marry. They met while waiting for a bus, proving once again, your perfect soulmate could be right around the corner. Their families had a lot in common, knew some of the same people, both from the same general area of Texas. Carly was the wedding planner and Jan was the one who, after consulting, was the agreeable party. Like most engaged couples, they were on a budget that was tested and challenged with each new idea.
Logos for all, Beautiful Fonts & Artwork
Carly contacted our company by email at first and asked some of the same questions we receive each day. As is the practice of our Customer Service department, we answered quickly and in good form with the requested details. Occasionally, brides or grooms will ask us for suggestions, our ideas for their logo or artwork. With our extensive collection of fonts and wedding-related artwork, we are always prepared to make recommendations.
Are they clear, transparent or transluscent?
Well, now, what would you call them? They are plastic, there's no disagreement about that. You can see through them, so does that make them "transparent"? Yes, that is an exact word for them. It means that light will pass through the material and enable objects to be seen through the material. Can they also be called "translucent"? This is a matter of some debate but here is our idea on this: No to "translucent". That word has the inference of while passing light through, there is a diffusion associated with translucent. So no, our iCR00 sunglasses are transparent, not translucent.
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Hello there: Shades of Fun! has been online since 1998. We established ourselves by offering novelty sunglasses in 1998; customized sunglasses in 2002. Recently, we expanded our line of promotional products to include embroidered baseball caps and custom glass bar. Soon, we will feature plastic stadium cups, sport bottles and other drinkware products. It's very exciting and very busy!

Our prices are the best in the business, our customer service is fully committed to providing each customer with five-star quality attention.

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Shades of Fun! News
Happy New Year! Football all over the USA is in full swing and we are zooming toward the Super Bowl! If you are a member of a fan club and want a good fundraiser, take a look at our personalized sunglasses! Print your club logo and select your team's colors, sell them for 3x what you pay and raise some money for those less fortunate!

At Shades of Fun, many of our customers are colleges and universities which use our personalized sunglasses as giveaways at recruiting conventions. They will imprint the name of the school, the web address and often the telephone number of the school. With almost 20 styles of sunglasses available for imprinting, our company can create a recruiting promotion for any college or university designed to appeal to any department or subject program.

You may see our full line of personalized sunglasses in consideration for your bulk group purchase needs! As a special event planner, are you planning a music festival or other special event, take a look at our cheap stadium party cups. For those planning a super big party, we now offer custom champagne glasses for parties, weddings and fun celebrations.

Shades of Fun! is a promotional products supplier based in New York.

We are also adding custom drinking bottles for your sports promotion marketing campaigns.

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Your art layout arrives within 1 business day
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