Showcased above is our goldenrod yellow sunglasses used as the base for a two color logo. At the front of the logo design, we used a badge Shield outlined in red and any interior contents of the badge were printed in black. Moving to the right of the logo, we used a very unique font called Showcard Gothic font to produce the bold and exciting name of the city. This was printed on one side of the arms.
Shown here is our black frame sunglasses. We used bright red ink to imprint on both sides of the sunglasses. On the far left is a single fire blaze. On the far right is the classic heart shape. The font used is called, "moderna".
Here we used simple recognizable icons to spread the message of firefighter love simply and with elegance. We used a white base pair of sunglasses and imprinted the logos on the side arms in bright red ink. The icons are bookended by a thin straight line and proportional dot on either end for a truly professional look. If you like this basic idea but really want to include the name of your fire department as part of the imprint, let us work on that for you.
Showcased above is a very traditional imprint for fire department sunglasses. We used a red frame sunglass for the base and black ink for the imprint. The shield portion of the logo is solid black and is "in front" of the message. The message text used is Copperplate Gothic font. The standard for this particular font is all-caps with the initial cap a bit larger than the characters which follow.
The sample shown above is our black frames as a base. We used bright yellow ink for this customer who was promoting their Fire Festival event. They picked a classic fire helmut icon which we positioned at the end of the text message line. The customer was very happy with the final product and reported 100% sold out status within the first hour of the Festival.