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A+ reviews. 5☆ Looking for a glow in the dark product to spice up that Quinceañera party you are planning? We have them! Let us help you design a great logo all the kids will love. Teenagers love glow in the dark party favors. Five colors including pink.


Style iGL00 - Glow in the Dark Eyeglasss
Five glowing colors. Glow in the Dark after exposure to light. Highest quality plastic frames, high gloss finish. This is a clear lens eyeglass with no tint or magnification. Full UV protection. Minimum per color is 24 pair. Minimum order is 100 pair. Use our art for free or submit your own. Ships from Florida, USA five business days after customer approves art.

Price Chart
Set Up
Minimum: 100 pair. Price is for the finished product with a one-side imprint. Prices discount in cart.
We were approached to provide our glow in the dark glasses for a family in Wisconsin. The large family was searching for an imprint design for the frames that would be classy, simple and honor their 15-year old daughter for her Quinceañera. They wanted to use the term, "Faith Girl". We helped them to select a font, in this case, it is, "Cherry Cream Soda". On the other side, we selected an icon of a praying set of hands. This imprint created a simple powerful message of religious belief without naming the religion or promoting a point of view.
Quinceañera Party Favors Idea
As the family of a young teenager begins to plan for the Quinceañera party, they will be faced with many, many choices for party favors and ideas. Although it is the parents or guardians of the young girl who will most likely set the budget. there is always pressure to extend the budget further and further. Likewise, for a 15-year old girl with many friends or a large family, the invitation list, the guest list will also grow larger and larger as the party date draws near. To find Quinceañera party favors that give off a big bang for the buck at the lowest price possible is the objective. Of course, we offer the solution! Our glow in the dark glasses are extremely low priced, a real bargain. All the guests -- including the guest of honor, Mis Quince -- will love them and want to take them home to wear them all summer long.
Will they fit the 15 year olds?
Yes, indeed, our glow glasses will fit 15-year old party guests. These are real eyeglasses with full UV protection on the lenses. They can be worn at all times of the year anywhere in the world. The lenses are very lightly tinted to match the frame color. They are not dark grey as we usually think of as "sunglasses". The measurement from hinge-to-hinge is 5.5". That is the standard measurement of distance for adult size eyeglasses. Children's eyeglasses measure anywhere from 4.5" to 5" across the front, depending on the age the glasses are intended for. In your party planning, you can feel free to order our glowing glasses, knowing they will fit all of your age 10+ family and friends.
Should I order one color or mixed?
Customers will often ask our customer service department whether they should order a mixed color assortment or just one color for their entire order. The answer is there is no correct answer, both approaches to the purchasing decision have their merits. In favor of the mixed color assortment is the idea that different guests will prefer to choose the color they like the most. A party planner who has considered this and purchased the color assortment will have correctly decided on this method. Likewise, there is merit to making a single-color purchase. This enables the family to match the color theme of the Quinceañera celebration. It also eliminates any fighting over color amongst the wee ones!
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Shades of Fun! News
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Shades of Fun! is a promotional products supplier based in New York.

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