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White sunglasses • minimum one dozen
Ships from New York within one business day.

For brides and grooms looking for nice cheap black and white sunglasses for their wedding, this is a great style for the white. Pair it with it's match in black here: black party sunglasses.

Price chart
1-12 dz
$13.95 per doz
13-24 dz
$10.95 per doz
25+ dz
$9.00 per doz
2200 Group - White Sunglasses
Classic shape white sunglasses. This is the favorite of brides and "white party" guests the world over for decades! Ships out within one business day from New York state. These are party quality sunglasses and do not provide UV protection.

These white sunglasses have a nice shine on the frame. The silver metal charm embellishments on either side of the front dress these fine sunglasses up with a sophisticated piece of extra styling. This style is designed to be worn for a party, wedding or special event. As such, they do not have UV protection -- that helps keep the price down for you.

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Overall product rating:  5 out of  5 with  11 ratings
5 / 5
White sunglasses. Perfect for my wedding. Arrived so fast. Thanks.
5 / 5
These came so quickly and were exactly what I was looking for. Also at a great price. (White sunglasses, style 2200)
5 / 5
So happy with this purchase. Totally fair price and excellent quality. I am going to personalize a dozen of them myself for my bridesmaids with a gold Sharpie pen. Unique wedding favor idea, for sure.
5 / 5
After a lot of comparing I bought the white sunglasses here. The lady on the phone answered all my questions and did not make me feel like a pain in the neck or an idiot. I was being so fussy for my wedding. Happy with my purchase.
5 / 5
Excellent product. These white sunglasses were perfect for our small wedding in Mexico. Super fast shipping.
5 / 5
I read about Shades of Fun on a wedding blog. I am happy to find them, the matching black and white cheap sunglasses were pefect for our wedding.
5 / 5
Excellent product find for my daughter's wedding. Seemed like the best price. Nice people on the phone.
5 / 5
Our wedding date is New Year's Eve. We were happy to buy from one single company, the 2016 year glasses and simple white sunglasses. Fast shipping because we thought of it last minute.
5 / 5
My fiancé thought these white sunglasses would be fun to have on all of the dinner tables at our beachside wedding. I wasn't sure but went along anyway. Glad we did, they were a really nice touch. Funny how shy people change when they wear sunglasses. We had lots of nice memories and pictures. Great value.
5 / 5
I could not believe the quality of the sunglasses I received from Shades of Fun. I ordered white sunglassses for my bridal shower in Miami. These were perfect. My bridesmaids and I took great pictures and had so much fun. Fast delivery too.
5 / 5
The white sunglasses arrived fast and in great condition. Better than expected.
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Back to school, everyone back to the books! School groups and team organizations love our low prices and excellent customer service. If you need personalized sunglasses look at our pages for your bulk group purchase needs! Need even more stylish protection, try wearing one of our custom baseball caps.
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white sunglasses
White Sunglasses
Priced as low as $ 9.00 per pair. This style is sold in new condition and is in stock.
Product Description: White sunglasses sold by the dozen. These sunglasses are made of a sturdy high gloss hard plastic. They are perfect for weddings or other events where white as a color is a critical feature. They do not have UV protection, so don't wear them except for the party.
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Recent Conversation
Cheap White Sunglasses, Price not Quality Very special price for our white sunglasses. Often used for weddings, we have sold thousands and thousands of pairs of these party sunglasses over the decades. Brides and grooms spend so much time and money preparing the for wedding day, everything adds to the enjoyment and joy of the wedding day.

Professional wedding photographers often purchase a case at a time for their clients. Our sunglasses are offered at their lowest price when 25+ dozen are purchased. Photographers or wedding event planners purchase the white sunglasses in bulk quantity, then offer them back to their clients, the brides and grooms, at a discounted price.

To keep the price down, the lenses in the 2200 style do not contain UV protection. While this has no impact on the effect desired for a party or wedding, it is important that your guests do not use them as protection from the sun beyond the party event.

There are so many ways to get married today. Couples are no longer limited to religious buildings like churches, temples or mosques. Weddings can take place anywhere from a municipal building to a canoe, a barn, the beach or the top of a mountain. While we certainly love our white sunglasses, today we also offer the classic black party sunglasses, colorful sunglasses and even rainbow sunglasses. The rainbow sunglasses are wonderful for many reasons. One of the great times to use the rainbow sunglasses is for gay weddings or any LGBTQ event of promotion. The rainbow sunglasses do feature a minimum purchase of 100 pair, so keep that in mind for yor party planning.

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