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NL01, asst color
NL02, white frame
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no lens eyeglasses
no lens eyeglasses
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NL00 Group - No Lens Eyeglasses
The NL Group features all the great elements of our very good styles but without the lenses! This is a "No Lens" group, there are no lenses at all. You are free and clear to see anything, anywhere, anytime with no lens between you! You may purchase an all white dozen or a dozen with four neon pre-assorted colors.

For brides and grooms who are thinking about having a photo booth at the reception, the white no-lens glasses are a great choice for high impact fun. Put a bucket of these white no-lens fun-starters on every table and just jump in when your entire reception starts mugging and dancing and bouncing around taking fun wedding selfies!

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About Us
Hello there: Shades of Fun! has been online since 1998. We established ourselves by offering customized sunglasses to thousands of customers since then. In 2016, we expanded our line of promotional products. We now offer customized promotional products that include golf accessories and tournament goodies, golf shirts, baseball caps, sport visors, cups, tumblers, mugs, thermos bottles, plastic bottles, bike bottles, stainless steel bottles and novelty drinkware.

Our prices are the best in the business, our customer service is fully committed to providing each customer with five-star quality attention.

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Overall product rating:  5 out of  5 with  7 ratings
5 / 5
My husband and I both wear funky fashionable eyeglasses. We found the no lens white eyeglasses from this company and had the idea to put a white eyeglass tree on each table. They turned out really cool. We bought 10 dozen, they were so affordable, we had a blast. Good product.
5 / 5
We ordered the all white no lens eyeglasses for our wedding in May 2016. My fiance really wanted to have fun at our wedding reception with white sunglasses. But so many of our friends wear prescription eyeglasses and there are a lot of older relatives to think about. He was going to order the white sunglasses with the dark lenses and pop them out to make them no lens glasses. When we found the white no lens eyeglasses from Shades of Fun, that was a quick decision. Fast service, excellent product and sent out to us super fast. Would buy again.
5 / 5
My granddaughter and her friends thought these white lensless shades were a blast for her 16th birthday party.
5 / 5
My Mom picked up some of the neon color glasses and the white glasses without the lenses for my husband and I for the wedding reception. We put them in baskets on each table at the wedding. We put the white feather boas in there as well. What fun, great idea, Mom!
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Shades of Fun! News
It's the holiday season and football all over the USA is in full swing! If you have a fan club and want a good fundraiser, take a look at our personalized sunglasses! Print your club logo and select your team's colors, sell them for 3x what you pay and raise some money for those less fortunate!

At Shades of Fun, many of our customers are colleges and universities which use our personalized sunglasses as giveaways at recruiting conventions. They will imprint the name of the school, the web address and often the telephone number of the school. With almost 20 styles of sunglasses available for imprinting, our company can create a recruiting promotion for any college or university designed to appeal to any department or subject program.

You may see our full line of personalized sunglasses in consideration for your bulk group purchase needs! As a special event planner, are you planning a music festival or other special event, take a look at our cheap stadium party cups. For those planning a super big party, we now offer custom champagne glasses for parties, weddings and fun celebrations.

Shades of Fun! is a promotional products supplier based in New York.

We are also adding custom drinking bottles for your sports promotion marketing campaigns.

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no lens eyeglasses
No Lens Eyeglasses, Assorted Colors
Priced as low as $ 9.15 per dozen. This style is sold in new condition and is in stock.
Product Description: Assorted colors in the dozen of eyeglasses available. Assorted neon colors include three each of four neon colors. No lenses in these frames at all. An all-white dozen of no lens eyeglasses is also available. Great for weddings.
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Recent Conversation
Are there advantages to Novelty No Lens Eyeglasses? 
No Lens Eyeglasses have been around since the late 20th Century as a party favor or novelty. They are used for fun; without any lenses in them, what else could be their value? One advantage to the party planner collecting ideas for party favors is that the No Lens Eyeglasses are less expensive than their in-lens sunglass counterparts.

Of course, they are less expensive. The factories in Asia can skip an entire step and not worry about scratched lenses. Not only that, the shipping costs are reduced because without the lenses the plain old frames are lighter to ship to ports all over the world. The final retail cost of a product is dependent on its cost of acquisition, it's actual wholesale price. By reducing a product's weight or volumne, the overall wholesale cost is reduced.

But there is another advantage to a no-lens eyeglasses for parties that is far less obvious than price. Think about our all white no-lens eyeglasses by the dozen at a wedding. There's tasteful baskets of them on the reception tables. At some point the DJ instructs the guests at the wedding to get a pair of the eyeglasses, put them on and participate in whatever DJ stunt is afoot. This is the circumstance when the advantage to No Lens Eyeglasses becomes apparent.

Everyone can grab a pair of no-lens eyeglasses but not everyone can wear a pair of sunglasses with lenses. Think of the older guests and relatives: many people over the age of 40 wear prescription eyeglasses. Most of them cannot take those optical glasses off for safety reasons. But a No-Lens alternate can slip right on top of most everyone's pair of regular prescription eyeglasses.

The eyeglass frames will stretch a bit to fit someone's above average size head. With a lens, you could not pull the arms out to go around a larger head, but without the lenses, there is no fear the lenses will pop out, so stretch away!

We offer No-Lens Eyeglasses in two different ways. Our assorted color dozen includes three colors, four each of those really bright neon colors. The second option is to order an all-white dozen of no-lens eyeglasses. Brides love them -- as well they should!