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New Years Eve Glasses
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Selecting this item will ship the 2018 version. The 2018 New Year Glasses are in stock and now shipping from NY.
Enter "1" for one dozen.
Ships from New York within one business day of your order.
New Year's Party Sunglasses Videos!
We produced a couple of cool, quick fun videos that showcase these great New Years Sunglasses over the years. Click any one to open a new YouTube window. You can also read our history of the New Years Eve Glasses.
Price chart
1-6 dz
$11.50 per doz
7-12 dz
$11 per doz
13-24 dz
$10.75 per doz
25+ dz
$10.49 per doz
NY00 Group - 2018 New Year's Eve Glasses
They said it wouldn't last -- but with this kind of fun novelty sunglasses mixed in with the joy of the new year, the party rocks on. All style numbers can be combined for overall discount.

NY01 Silver: Sold by the dozen, the entire dozen is silver glitter.

NY02 Gold: Sold by the dozen, the entire dozen is gold glitter.

NY03 Multi-color Glitter: Sold by the dozen, all glitter, four colors, three of each. Red, purple, green, blue.

NY04 Multi-color Plastic: Sold by the dozen, high gloss plastic, four neon colors, three of each. Yellow, lime, orange, hot pink.

Price chart
1-12 dz
$18 per doz
13-24 dz
$14.50 per doz
25+ dz
$12.50 per doz
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Overall product rating:  5 out of  5 with  3 ratings
5 / 5
The metallic navy blue sunglasses are really cool. We were going to get the plain navy and were happy enough to find them. could not ask for more at this price. Excellent value.
5 / 5
Re: The SC00 Pink Sunglasses / Really fast service and the glasses were exactly what we wanted. I was hoping for a light pink option but the regular pink was just as fine.
5 / 5
Quick shipping and great glasses! This isn't the first time I've ordered, and probably won't be the last! (We bought the red metallic sunglasses.)
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Happy October! All over the world, is everybody ready for Halloween? School groups and team organizations love our low prices and excellent customer service. If you need personalized sunglasses look at our pages for your bulk group purchase needs! Need even more stylish protection, try wearing one of our custom baseball caps. For those planning a super big party, we now offer custom champagne flutes for parties, weddings and fun celebrations.
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new years glasses
New Year's Eve Glasses
Priced as low as $ 10.49 per dozen. This style is sold in new condition and is in stock.
Product Description: Classic cut out number style New Year's Eve Glasses. All silver glitter dozen; all gold glitter dozen; multi-color glitter dozen and high gloss plastic dozen with no glitter. Party like the best with your party glasses shipped direct from New York.
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Recent Conversation 
New Year's Eve Party Sunglasses
New Year's Eve glasses have been around since the early 1990's. As the decade of the 1990's began, a couple of entrepreneurs* from the state of Washington goofed around and imagined the double-circles of the decade ahead -- the 1990s -- contained side by side circles. These circles could be fashioned into novelty eyeglasses. If the initial numeral "1" formed the right side edge of the frame and the ending number "1" formed the opposing left edge, the fellows could craft the two "9"s in between to position in front of a person's eyes. The result could splash the four digits of the upcoming year, 1991, across someone's face and form delightfully whimsical eyeglasses that read 1991 as a eyeglass frame.

The very first version of the New Years Glasses were manufactured in the United States and were purchased as a three-part product the customer put together themselves. The front of face part, the one that read "1991" was the main part, there were two side arm pieces which laid flat. They were shipped in a small plastic bag, the parts were all light as a feather and shipped in flat envelopes. They were made of lightweight plastic and were completely glow in the dark. The first intention of the New Year's Glasses was that they would be worn at night -- as the clock headed it way toward midnight on December 31. With this in mind, there were no lenses at all in these early versions. Remember, these early versions were a bit of a lark. The inventors would have loved to have made money, it is the American Way, but they expected little. They imagined the customers for their glow in the dark New Year glasses would be casinos and hotels which offered large scale new year's eve parties and special events.

The early new year's eve glasses caught little attention except locally. The inventors served clients themselves, embossing the eyeglassees with corporate names like Disneyland or Resorts Casino and selling thousands of them year after year. In the late 1990s, a mania developed worldwide over fear and excitement as the calendar headed toward the advancing deadline of the shift into the next century. There was worldwide concern that computers and related equipment would fail or malfunction as their internal clock changed from 12-31-1999 at 11:59.00PM to 01-01-2000 at 12:00.00AM. A year-long rush was on all over the world to bring computer systems and related equipment into compliance with the needs of the coming century. The mania was called, "Y2K Compliance". It was a scam cooked up somewhere. Millions and millions of dollars were spent on new equipment in a mad dash to upgrade before the clock change. The surge was known as "Y2K Compliance". It made millionaires.

Along with the obsession for the turn of the century from the 20th into the 21st Century, those little glowing new year eyeglasses caught the eye of novelty product designers and manufacturers. This savvy industry saw the possibility of the entire decade of the 2000s and pounced on the trends at hand. The market flooded with Asian manufactured sunglasses flashed with the year 2000 as the front plate. The most novelty sunglasses were mass manufactured in factories in Asia and sent out in shipping containers worldwide, but primarily to the USA. Novelty product suppliers like Shades of Fun began to offer them in their retail catalogs.

This little item, the new year glasses, blazed across the population with great enthusiasm for the year 2000. Millions and millions of them were sold. Many had never seen anything like them before and they loved them. Manufacturers were very happy but wondered if the trend would continue into the year 2001. Their fears turned to joy when for the follow-up year, people still loved them and loved them more!

Year after year, the new year sunglasses grew in popularity. Then the year 2009 hit and the naysayers began to flap their doubts again. 2009 was the final year of the go-go decade that featured two zeros side by side. With the onset of the year 2010, the designers of these novelty sunglasses would be challenged to overcome the presence of the digit "1" in their design. The pessimistic view spawned hundreds of news segments and magazine articles worldwide -- all declaring the end of the new year glasses era. Obituaries abounded. RIP they declared.

The doomsday purveyors were all wrong. Wrong wrong wrong. The new year glasses designers successfully transitioned the design to the 2010s with not even a minute's hesitation. Not only is there no end to the popularity of the new year glasses, but mania anew is expected for the year 2020. Why? In ophthalmology, that is the study of the health of the eye, the measurement for perfect vision is 20/20. As the years roll toward 2020, the anticpation grows again for wearing this eternally popular contribution to our culture.

*Richard Sclafani, Peter Cicero: honors to these gentlemen

This article is original creative property. It is copyrighted and may not be reproduced in any portion without permission from the author, ©Shades of Fun!, a New York corporation.