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For brides and grooms looking for nice cheap black and white sunglasses for their wedding, this is a great style. Pair it with it's match in white here: white sunglasses.

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RB00 Group - Black Sunglasses
Two styles of eyeglasses offered here at the same discounted price: Black party sunglasses and clear lens black eyeglasses. The full dozen will be one or the other, no mixed dozens. These styles of black glasses are known by many names: Blues Brothers, Risky Business and with the clear lens, Buddy Holly glasses or Nerd glasses.

The classic shape of sunglasses is the most popular shape sunglasses in the world! These fun black sunglasses are much better quality than you would expect for this crazy price. This is a hard plastic style with a good gloss finish. The silver embellishments on the sides of the front are a stylish touch. These are "party quality" sunglasses and do not have UV protection.

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Our prices are the best in the business, our customer service is fully committed to providing each customer with five-star quality attention.

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Overall product rating:  5 out of  5 with  7 ratings
5 / 5
My parent teacher group bought the black sunglasses for our 6th graders graduation this year. We gave each student a degree rolled up and a pair of sunglasses. Good quality sunglasses, delivered fast.
5 / 5
These cheap black party sunglasses were a very good choice for our church outing a few weeks ago. We booked an oldies band, music from the 1960s and 1950s. We wanted the whole group to get together for a photograph wearing the sunglasses. These were so cheap in price they were perfect. We told everyone not to wear them "for real" because they don't have UV protection. Everyone loved them. Better product than we were expecting.
5 / 5
We had the idea of buying cheap black party sunglasses for an outdoor company picnic in June. We called Shades of Fun because as usual, we though of doing this goofy thing so late. They shipped the 500 pair of sunglasses out of their New York warehouse the same day wew ordered them, we had them in Connecticut the next day. We wound up having the glasses in hand less than 24 hours after we even had the idea. That's crazy good.
5 / 5
Exactly what we were looking for. Good quality, especially for the price. (We bought the black glasses.)
5 / 5
Picked up a dozen of these black sunglasses with the clear lenses for my friends. We had a trip to Arizona and were going to a Cubs game. Spring Training. Everyone wore these eyeglasses in honor of the manger Joe Maddon. It was a great time for a super cheap price.
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Shades of Fun! News
Happy New Year! Football all over the USA is in full swing and we are zooming toward the Super Bowl! If you are a member of a fan club and want a good fundraiser, take a look at our personalized sunglasses! Print your club logo and select your team's colors, sell them for 3x what you pay and raise some money for those less fortunate!

At Shades of Fun, many of our customers are colleges and universities which use our personalized sunglasses as giveaways at recruiting conventions. They will imprint the name of the school, the web address and often the telephone number of the school. With almost 20 styles of sunglasses available for imprinting, our company can create a recruiting promotion for any college or university designed to appeal to any department or subject program.

You may see our full line of personalized sunglasses in consideration for your bulk group purchase needs! As a special event planner, are you planning a music festival or other special event, take a look at our cheap stadium party cups. For those planning a super big party, we now offer custom champagne glasses for parties, weddings and fun celebrations.

Shades of Fun! is a promotional products supplier based in New York.

We are also adding custom drinking bottles for your sports promotion marketing campaigns.

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black party sunglasses
Cheap Black Party Sunglasses
Priced as low as $ 5.00 per dozen. This style is sold in new condition and is in stock.
Product Description: Solid black party sunglasses. The party sunglasses that has been popular for decades. Modeled after the sunglasses worn by the Blues Brothers as well as Tom Cruise in the Hollywood blockbuster movie, 'Risky Business'. This is a party quality sunglass product. The frames feature a satin finish frame. The lenses do not have UV protection, so please limit their use to the antics at your party. Not for everyday optical use or for protection from the harmful rays of the sun. This is a classic party favor product.
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Recent Conversation
All About Black Party Sunglasses  
The black party glasses that have become a party staple were born in the middle of the 1950s, the heart of a babyboomer's childhood. The sunglass industry was just getting started then. Advancements in metal and plastic product manufacturing through the early decades of the 1930s and 1940s ushered in a deluge of new product possibilities. Soldiers went off to war with aviator pilots wearing sunglasses and polarized sunglasses to protect their eyes and increase their vision while flying missions tens of thousands of feet above the ground.

When thousands and thousands of soldiers returned to the United States from Europe, Africa and the Far East, they brought their sunglasses back home with them. The Ray Ban® company introduced a plastic frame sunglass in the mid 1950s. It was called the Wayfarer™ and was destined to become a classic. The Wayfarer™ frame was made of dense, strong plastic. The plastic is a mix of compounds including nylon. The frame shape is simple and sturdy. It can be worn successfully by many different face shapes and body types. In its early years, the Wayfarer™ was offered in black and tortoise shell frames.

The Wayfarer™ caught the attention of prominent members of society. John F Kennedy, who would advance in life to become the President of the United States, favored the Wayfarer™ shape. It has been impossible to find a photograph of him wearing any other sunglass but his favored Wayfarer™ style!

The Wayfarer™ captivated the attention of Hollywood movie fans when popular actress Audrey Helpburn wore an oversized version of them in her hit film, "Breakfast at Tiffany's". The large black sunglasses overpowered her diminutive diamond shape face but the two shapes, combined with genius character costuming, created a spectacular vision. Ms Hepburn in her Wayfarers™ became an icon that remains popular today. [Breakfast at Tiffany's, 1961]

Products placed in movies and other entertainment media can spur sales of that product and even start trends. Sales of the Wayfarer™ brand were reported to increase following the success of the Hepburn film. The next spike in popularity for the Wayfarer™ style of sunglasses came almost 20 years later. Comedic actors from the TV show, "Saturday Night Live", took the characters they created for the show and delivered them to the silver screen in 1980. The film, "Blues Brothers" was a smash hit with young people across the globe. Actors John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd transformed into Jake and Elwood Blues in this movie that was rife with irreverance and deep soul rock and roll music. The characters wore black Wayfarers™ both on stage and off. They wore black suits, black men's short-brim fedora hats along with the black glasses, thin black ties against white shirts. This easy-to-mimic style has enabled hundreds of imitators to easily costume themselves in homage to the original characters. Even today, Blues Brothers Tribute Bands remain a popular entertainment choice for parties, corporate functions and weddings. [The Blues Brothers, 1980]

It was the raucous popularity of The Blues Brothers, both in film and on Saturday Night Live, that created the mass manufacture of the black party sunglasses we offer at Shades of Fun! Novelty product designers raced to get cheap black party sunglasses to the market as soon as they could. It started back in the early 1980's and lasts through today. At Shades of Fun, we have been selling them since 2001!

The American actor, Tom Cruise, wore a pair of classic Wayfarer™ sunglasses in his breakout film, Risky Business in 1983. The movie jettisoned Cruise to what became worldwide superstardom. The movie also cemented the style as an iconic and evergreen product in Western culture. [Risky Business, 1983

This article is original creative property. It is copyrighted and may not be reproduced in any portion without permission from the author, ©Shades of Fun!, a New York corporation.