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Style RB00: These party sunglasses are a special event staple for decades now. There are black party sunglasses out there at about the same price as ours, but they are very low quality. Ours are not like them, they are mass manufactured but using better quality plastic molds and fabrication. Remember, no UV, so don't wear them for long periods of time outdoors. The lenses have no protective coating on them either, which tends toward light scratches that have no impact on visibility or party use.
Style RB00: Cheap black party sunglasses. Yes, these are the ones you want. Good quality, not crap like the novelty company products. Satin finish to the frames, no UV. Fits ages 10 and above.
Style RB00: 1-12dz $7.67 / 25+dz $5.00 :: Party sunglasses staple. Blues Brothers classic. No UV keeps price low.
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Style 2200: Super white party sunglasses for every party or wedding where it's oh-so-right for white! These glossy hard plastic sunglass frames are made for a party indoors or outdoors. Silver embellishment charms on either side of the front mimic the more expensive classic brands. We'll keep your secret safe. No UV.
Style 2200: Budget buster white party sunglasses. Classic shape, hard plastic frame with gloss for shine. Excellent choice for weddings. Use a Sharpie® pen to personalize the sides! No UV.
Style 2200: 1-12 dz $13.95 / 25+ dz $9.00 :: Most popular for weddings. All white dozen is an excellent quality sunglasses. No UV, so they are just for the party.
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Style WY00: These are those party and giveaway favorites you see all around the world. We offer them at super low prices and we ship them out super fast. Order in the morning, they'll ship that day! Black fronts or white fronts, brightly colored arms. The material is that bendable type of plastic often referred to as "rubberized".
Style WY00: Black fronts or white fronts, colorful arm colors. Rubberized material, a bit bendable. Sold by color and by the dozen. Some neon colors. Full UV. Fits age 10+. Great value.
Style WY00: 1-12 dz $10.75 / 25+ dz $7.30 :: *Most popular of all time* Each dozen is one color combination. Order by color.
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Style CA00: Our least expensive sunglasses. This is a pre-assorted color style of sunglasses. Each box is one dozen. The dozen includes three pair of four neon color arms. The price is extremely low. The quality is what we call "party quality". The plastic is a lightweight bendable plastic, a mass manufactured product. Order these for general party use, not high enough quality for giveaway, just parties.
Style CA00 - Least expensive. This is a full dozen that contains four different bright colors (three pair of each). Color assortment is pre-set, cannot be customized. Full UV, excellent value for events.
Style CA00: 1-12 dz $9.75 / 25+ dz $6.50 :: Assorted color dozen of our lowest price sunglasses. Mass bulk manufacture. Party quality.
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Style SC00: Considering the SC00 style versus the FC00 style? Here is the difference: the SC00 is a more lightweight frame. The plastic is not as heavy, not as dense. Not inferior, just lighter. Both feature full UV protection, but the SC00 is sold by the dozen. FC00 carries a minimum of 100 pair. The SC00 will ship out from NY within one day of your order.
Style SC00: Budget conscious excellent quality sunglasses. Each dozen is a single color. Full UV, many colors available. These are a more lightweight frame weight than Style FC00.
Style SC00: 1-12 dz $ / 25+ dz $ :: Super bright colors sold by the dozen, lighter weight frame for easy comfortable wear all day.
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Style FC00: This item is our highest quality of sunglasses. They can be ordered here without an imprint, but the minimum quantity is 100 pair. Eighteen (18) awesome colors. The plastic is polished to a high gloss, the lenses have full UV protection. Minimum per color ordered is 24 pair. This style is also available for imprinting your logo. See our personalized sunglasses section.
Style FC00: Highest quality single color sunglasses. Sold by the pair with a minimum order of 100 pair. Heavier frame weight. Full UV400 protection. Eighteen (18) colors available.
Style iFC00: 100 pair $1.44 / 5000 pair $1.33 :: Highest quality sunglasses, minimum purchase is 100 pair. Excellent color choices.
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Style TR00: Transparent color sunglasses. Super cool to see through. Colors include the perfectly clear!
Style TR00: Transparent color sunglasses. Super cool to see through. Colors include the perfectly clear!
Style TR00: As low as $12.50 per dozen in bulk. Ships same day from New York.
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Style MT00: We have spiced up some of our favorite colors with a metallic finish. Red, green, blue are offered by the dozen with a metallic finish. The silver is also sold by the dozen, features a satin finish, not high gloss. The bronze also features the metallic finish. For a high gloss silver or high gloss 14K gold, see our other group of metallic sunglasses.
Style MT00: Metallic finish sunglasses. Rare silver nickel finish sunglasses you can buy by the dozen. Bronze colored sunglasses also available. If you need, red, green or blue, try these metallics instead.
Style MT00: 1-12 dz $18.00 / 25+ dz $12.50 :: Metallic sunglasses includes bright colors as well as a great silver with satin finish.
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Style NY00: Straight from New York! These are those wonderful classic New Year's Glasses known the world over. We offer them in single-colors for the entire dozen or in assortments. The gold glitter and silver glitter are the most popular so we offer them as single-color dozens. For those who want a more assorted color New Year's Eve party, we carry assortments. Sturdy frames.
Style NY00: New Year's Eve Glasses. We have been selling these glasses for almost 20 years! Straight from NYC with worldwide shipping. They arrive each year in late October. No back years avail.
Style NY00: 1-12 dz $11.50 / 25+ dz $10.49 :: 2018 New Years Glasses available in late October. Silver, gold glitter, high gloss plastic multi-color
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Style TT00: Put a little color splash on your black sunglasses with our TT00 style. These are packaged as a single color combination in the entire dozen. Order by color: so if you order black with red accents, the entire dozen will be that color combination. Four sophisticated color combinations available. Black with lime, blue, red and white accents.
Style TT00: Two tone sunglasses. Sophisticated styling. Sold by the dozen, each dozen will contain all the same color combinations. No mixing. Four color combinations available. Full UV.
Style TT00: 1-12 dz $22.00 / 25+ dz $15.00 :: Black base with four different bright accent colors. The dozen is all one color combo you choose.
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Style CL00: You've seen those nerdy black eyeglasses with clear lenses . . . those eyeglasses are a costume signal that I am a Nerd I Read A Lot. (nothing wrong with that!) Nevertheless, we spike them up for today''s colorful fashionistas! Click through to see more of our super bright and colorful clear lens eyeglasses.
Style CL00: Clear lens eyeglasses in contemporary bright colors. Same excellent quality frames as SC00, but clear lenses. Full UV in lenses. Each dozen is a single frame color. No mixes.
Style CL00: 1-12 dz $18.00 / 25+ dz $12.50 :: Clear lens, bright colors, full UV.
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Style NL00: Note: All white dozens are available. No lenses at all. Perfect for everyone at the wedding. Your guests will simply slip these no-lens eyeglasses right over their own prescription eyeglasses. That makes these eyeglasses are better buy than the in-lens white sunglasses in our catalog. See also the colorful neon no-lens eyeglasses for super party fun!
Style NL00: No lenses at all in this dozen pair of eyeglass frames. All-white also available. Three pair of each of our 4 bright colors: pink, yellow, orange and lime green. Pre-assorted, no custom mix.
Style NL00: 1-12 dz $11.00 / 25+ dz $9.15 :: No lens at all. All white dozen is available as well.
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Happy New Year! Football all over the USA is in full swing and we are zooming toward the Super Bowl! If you are a member of a fan club and want a good fundraiser, take a look at our personalized sunglasses! Print your club logo and select your team's colors, sell them for 3x what you pay and raise some money for those less fortunate!

At Shades of Fun, many of our customers are colleges and universities which use our personalized sunglasses as giveaways at recruiting conventions. They will imprint the name of the school, the web address and often the telephone number of the school. With almost 20 styles of sunglasses available for imprinting, our company can create a recruiting promotion for any college or university designed to appeal to any department or subject program.

You may see our full line of personalized sunglasses in consideration for your bulk group purchase needs! As a special event planner, are you planning a music festival or other special event, take a look at our cheap stadium party cups. For those planning a super big party, we now offer custom champagne glasses for parties, weddings and fun celebrations.

Shades of Fun! is a promotional products supplier based in New York.

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