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Promotional Sunglasses - 4H Club Souvenir

Advertising sunglasses promote Awards Program for a youth agriculture club in Tennessee.

In Eastern Tennessee, the tradition of 4H Clubs is very strong. 4H Clubs provide young people was a tremendous amount of positive activity. Focusing on agricultural farming processes and animal husbandry, 4H Clubs have been well known and well beloved by generations of young Americans. Although they are primarily centered in the countrified areas of the United States, now and then you will find a 4H club with a vigorous and determined adult leader who plants the seeds of agricultural learning in the heart of an American city.

The 4H Club of Treo, Tennessee is a very large and very popular club for the youngsters of that region. Many of the participating teenagers and preteens are third and fourth generation for each club members.

Recently the 4H Club contacted Shades of Fun! to purchase customized sunglasses that they would use not only to promote the 4H Club, but to raise funds by selling them at their biggest event of the big year, the Lamp County Fair.

The club was able to receive permission to use their trademark of the national 4H Club to use on the imprint for these sunglasses. They sent us the logo in our required format, vector art .eps format. Our Art Department was able to show the members of the 4H Club a variety of different font types for use with that their logo. The members of the club really wanted to include the year that they were using the sunglasses as a promotion as part of the customized imprint. The teenage members of the club wanted to wear these souvenir sunglasses all the way through and including their high school graduation.

The power of souvenir sunglasses customized with a group's logo or a wedding couple's name and the date of the event is surprisingly strong. Sunglasses can be a product for memorabilia and fundraising purposes. Sunglasses are a promotional item, but they are also as we all know part of our everyday wear. Although they can be a fashion accessory, for many people the fashion is secondary to function. So when a person receives a pair of free sunglasses, such as they do when there is a new promotion or give away, they tend to hold onto it and not throw the sunglasses away as they might be toss a ruler, keychain or simple balloon.

The green color of the 4H Club logo is PMS 347. It is very close to our kelly green sunglasses. Absent creating a large order from factories in Asia with an exact color match for the sunglasses frame, our kelly green sunglasses are a close enough match for a simple club fundraising program for a County Fair.

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