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Our Metallic Sunglasses were a perfect match for a western Auto Dealership! Shiny Chrome lovers!

We really love our metallic sunglasses!

And so does a string of car dealerships in Colorado Nevada and New Mexico. We introduced our customized metallic finish sunglasses in 2014 and the response has been fabulous. Here you see one of the designs we did for the crescent auto dealership just outside of Reno. They really wanted to promote there brand new cars and imprinted their logo, phone number and the dealership address on the two arms of our shiny silver and shiny gold metallic finish sunglasses.

We really love the way this car dealership used our sunglasses to promote their business.

From the speed at which the sunglasses blew out of the basket set up at their promotion booth, the public love the sunglasses as well.

When we produced a set of customized sunglasses for a client such as the crescent dealership, we use a permanent ink and a pad printing process. This production process create a permanent Inc impression on the sunglasses that will last for years and years.

So many customers will wear our customized sunglasses for a while after they receive them at either a trade show or a local business fair, but then the sunglasses find their way into the glove compartment of their cars. This is perfectly fine with us. There is a great deal of satisfaction when someone rediscovers our customer's advertising promotion just when they need of a pair of sunglasses in a bright and sunny car!

Speaking of glove compartments, did you know that some people call this part of a car's dashboard the glovebox or glovie? We wonder if that is a regional or geographic experience. The origin of the term "glove compartment" is based on the original reson for it's existence inthe dashboard: to hold the driver's gloves! Early automobiles were open to the elements; no tops and only side windows. Drivers routinely wore gloves and even eye goggles t protect them from pebbles and stones flying around as they drove. That was a long time ago, but that is the origin of the need for glove storage. But today, we like to use it as just a place for your customized sunglasses!

Note: Our customer stories are composites of actual customer backgrounds. Locations and names have been changed to protect our customer's privacy.

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