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Waste management company creates sunglass promotion; Folding sunglasses promote compacting service.

A waste management and removal company in eastern Ohio wanted to promote their residential compacting services. The company had invested a large amount of money to research equipment that would be installed in residential kitchens in the same manner that dishwashers and refrigerators are considered essential equipment for any modern kitchen.

The company hired the best architectural designers they could find and the most highly skilled equipment designers to create a small footprint, high energy and very powerful residential garbage compacting machine. Using stainless steel construction technology, the company created a line of good looking and very small compacting equipment for the modern home.

They believe wholeheartedly that it is best for our planet's long-term survival that compacting services had their future by inside each residence. That is the concept that drove the waste management company to make this investment.

If the customer listened to the door to door representatives presentation, they were given a Thank You gift of folding sunglasses. The waste management company used Shades of Fun! to create a highly the memorable leave behind gift for the door to door potential customer.

We offer our folding sunglasses in a variety of colors. If a customer of ours would like us to do color matching for a specific promotion, such as was in case of this waste management company. With a six-month the time, we are able to color match the frame to the customers desired PMS color and to imprint up to the 4-color logo on the side arms of the sunglasses.

Our folding sunglasses are also available with a nylon drawstring travel package. This travel package can also be imprinted, customized further, with its any silkscreen one or two color imprints.

There was a very large marketing and advertising campaign planned. One of the promotion strategies for the company to promote the new compacting service equipment, was to employ dozens of door to door representatives. These door to door representatives were well trained to deliver a concise, informative presentation after knocking on the potential customer's door. If the customer was not at home or chose not to open the door to their home, a packet was left with the information hanging on the customer's front doorknob about the new service.

The waste management company wanted to promote their compacting services to potential customers. When they found a great match in our own folded sunglasses, the wonderful promotion was born.

Last we heard, this little company in eastern Ohio had a very big idea to make garbage as small as possible. Shades of Fun! is proud to have been part of this revolution.

Note: Our customer stories are composites of actual customer backgrounds. Locations and names have been changed to protect our customer's privacy.

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