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Our folding sunglasses are the perfect marketing product for an electronic data storage company.

Crystal Mountain Data Storage is an innovative company specializing in digital data off-site storage.

They have become innovators in marketing an uninteresting and boring business -- data storage -- into a company that gets customers excited about backing up their data and maintain their accounts with Crystal Mountain.

Crystal Mountain itself is a fantasmical creation. The idea that your data is stored in the "Crystal Mountain" is so romantic: a great company fanciful creation.

Imagine a shimmering, glimmering mountain of crystal? And then imagine your precious family photos, videos, movies and even your old kindergarten report card all scanned and dutifully backed up and protected by the safety of this strong Crystal Mountain. Wonderful, safe, secure.

Crystal Mountain wanted to create a campaign around their slogan: No Dirt, No Dust, No Wet, No Sun. They were able to create many wild and imaginative marketing campaigns and promotions around these slogans. "No Sun" -- that's where Shades of Fun became involved.

Sunglasses worked well for more categories of advertising and promotions. Inside events work almost as well as outdoor events were promotional sunglasses. Even though Crystal Mountain Data Storage plant to give away the sunglasses at an indoor exposition/convention, the sunglasses were perfect promotional products to illuminate the "No Sun" segment of the advertising message.

Crystal Mountain Data Storage chose our yellow sunglasses with black ink to promote their No Sun message. Then they took the idea of storage one step further to select our folding sunglasses on which to present their imprint. We customized a nylon pouch for the sunglasses to go with them and boy! what a huge success!

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Note: Our customer stories are composites of actual customer backgrounds. Locations and names have been changed to protect our customer's privacy.

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