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fire fighting fundraising ideas

We loved to help out our local firefighter auxillary with a great campaign of fundraising sunglasses.

At Shades of Fun!, we have been very big fans of firefighters, police officers and emergency first responders ever since we saw the incredible work they did on September 11th here in New York in the year 2001.

And so when one of our suburban New York City firefighters Auxiliaries approached us to help them create a set of fundraising sunglasses, we were very honored. Our staff looked forward to helping them create this fundraising campaign and raise money for such a worthy cause.

Of course, the first idea was to use our brilliant red sunglasses with white ink for the firefighter logo. But we were able to extend the red and white brand to include red, white and even metallic gold on the side arm for their promotional campaign.

Many fire trucks and other emergency vehicles feature black lettering with the name of the engine or the group or even the word AMBULANCE is in black letters with shadow details in metallic gold paint on the side, front or back of the vehicle.

Since we are able to imprint a second color on to the sides of our promotional sunglasses, we suggested not just a red sunglasses with white ink, but to extended it to a second color. To do this we used our white sunglasses with black lettering on the sides and shadow details the black lettering with a gold metallic ink. This created a beautiful simulation of the lettering on the side of emergency vehicles.

The firefighter auxiliary group, which consists of friends and spouses and other supporters of the local firehouse, used these unique sunglasses all summer long as giveaways and prizes at street fairs, church picnics and even neighborhood festivals. In many cases, the firefighters themselves attends these picnics and festivals and will initiate and supervise activities and games for the children of the neighborhood. The sunglasses when given away as prizes make the children so proud and they have become a prized possession for each child who receive them personally from a hero firefighter.

Note: Our customer stories are composites of actual customer backgrounds. Locations and names have been changed to protect our customer's privacy.

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