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Personalized sunglasses enhance the fitness center message, 'See yourself clearly'.

John Greene loves being fit. The only thing he loves to more than being in great shape himself is helping others to get into their best physical condition ever.

John worked in the computer industry for many years. As he grew older, in his 40s, he saw changes in his own body. Keeping his muscles taut used more and more effort. Mr. Greene did not like the changes he saw. He believed his desk job as a computer programmer had much to do with his softening body. Sitting in front of a computer for 8 hours were more per day is a sedentary job and can work against physical fitness.

John began to consider leaving the traditional workplace. He found a medium size building with a large open area, a lot of windows and great parking. It seemed a well suited spot for a starter gym and fitness center. Mr. Greene took the plunge and invested in a three-year lease on the property.

Today, John Greene operates a very successful single location physical fitness gymnasium. He works very hard every single day. John leads most of the fitness and cardio classes himself. He has never been in better shape physically. It took four years for his gym to begin to make a profit. He used his personal charisma and enthusiasm for personal fitness to push his business into profit territory.

As a realistic and hardworking guy, John Greene likes the idea of customizing our clear lens eyeglasses. We chose a clear bold font with John's catch phrase, "See Yourself Clearly".

On the other side of the eyeglasses arm, we included the name and address of his gym. John liked our many assorted frame colors. He orders an equal assortment of all of our available colors whenever he needs refills.

The gym's clear lens eyeglasses personalized for his business has become a bit of the local trademark. Sometimes the members of the gym will put their eyeglasses on and shout out together, "See yourself clearly!" It is a team building exercise that everyone in the fitness center enjoys.

Note: Our customer stories are composites of actual customer backgrounds. Locations and names have been changed to protect our customer's privacy.

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