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Our highest quality customized sunglasses are personalized for this Golf Tournament. High profit margin, great souvenir.

A family in Michigan honors the memory of their brother Bud by hosting an annual golf tournament. The event has grown tremendously over the years. The family has received much support for the scholarship fund they instituted in Bud's honor. Local sponsors contribute various goods and services as well as cash that benefits the scholarship fund. Each year the family purchases personalized sunglasses from us and we have been mightily impressed with how the quantity ordered has increased over the years.

Here we use the family's signature Freshman font in white ink on our Kelly green 6223 sunglasses. This is a two-sided imprint with both sides printed differently.

Bud Johnson passed away from a rare liver disorder. While he lived his life, he filled it with adventure and service to others. Bob had a real knack for fundraising but he did it with a twist.

As a young boy, his baseball team needed to raise money for new equipment.

The new baseball equipment included everything from uniforms to gloves to balls and bats. The kids decided to go through their neighborhoods block by block and knock on doors to ask for donations. It was Bob's idea they wear their baseball uniforms at all times. He told his friends, "It will make us look cuter and we need all the help we can get."

But the young enterprising Bob Johnson had another idea. "Look," he said, "we won't ask for money for balls and bats. We'll ask for money for gas for our Moms' car." The knock on door campaign was a smash. They asked for money for gas not equipment. When someone asked why they didn't need money for bats and balls, Bob answered, "We like to think we can hit any old ball out of the park. If we hit a grounder, we'll outrun it. The balls don't matter to us so much. But we got to get to the games and we can't ask our Moms to choose gas or food."

The fundraising campaign was very successful. After the boys' baseball team raised enough money for gas for the cars, they did use the additional money for baseball gloves for the boys who needed better ones and then better bats and practice equipment.

The following year Bob developed another fundraising strategy, the following year, another one still. His fundraising creativity was boundless. His leadership brought dozens of friends close to him, his loyalty to his friends helped him to magnetize hundreds of people by the time he was in his 20s.

Bob pursued a career in computer technology but he never stopped raising money for other people. He never lost his creativity and his spark for the creative, unusual. When he was diagnosed with a rare liver disorder before he was 30 years old, Bob began to organize his own memorial golf tournament. He spelled out plans for the next five years to his best friend to ensure that his trademark creativity would sparkle even after his death.

We are proud to create their fundraising customized sunglasses year in and year out to honor this unique gentleman

Note: Our customer stories are composites of actual customer backgrounds. Locations and names have been changed to protect our customer's privacy.

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