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Advertising sunglasses promote Awards Program for a youth agriculture club in Tennessee.

An environmental activist group in southern New Mexico wanted to promote their cause by passing out sunglasses at local craft fairs and neighborhood festivals. They realized that sunglasses were a wonderful giveaway for promoting their climate change message. On one hand, sunglasses offer protection from all of the natural UV rays the sun emits, and so in that way, sunglasses are already an environmentally friendly product.

But this group in New Mexico really liked a slogan they created for their annual fundraising program, "Don't shield your eyes to the changing world!". They developed this slogan to try to change the mind of climate change doubters. There is a lot of controversy in both political and social circles about climate change.

Some fervent believers the climate is changing in a negative way so rapidly that emergency measures are needed not just throughout the United States, but worldwide to stop this change.

Others feel that the climate of the planet Earth changes naturally and that while human beings to contribute in a negative fashion to dirtying the environment, it is not an emergency and not of such impact as to change the course of powerful natural forces in the universe.

The New Mexico environmental group decided to engage climate change skeptics directly and in a logical manner to try to persuade them to see their positions differently and to understand that the climate is in an emergency situation.

To underscore and continue to promote this idea, members of the public who listened to a climate change group member for at least 5 minutes at a neighborhood fair or festival were given a pair of green sunglasses with that slogan imprinted on the side as a thank you.

The New Mexico climate change activists hoped that through logical and calm dialogue, no television style screaming here, and the presentation of a high quality giveaway of sunglasses customized with their campaign's slogan, their message would make a lasting and positive impression on those who experienced this promotion. We were very happy to be the promotional products firm the New Mexico activist group chose Shades of Fun! to produce this product for their campaign. for their campaign.

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