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Promotional Sunglasses Help Hamburger Restaurant's Reputation Grow

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Sadie's Burgers, a roadside hamburger stand in Kansas, chose promotional sunglasses from Shades of Fun as part of a marketing campaign to increase awareness of their brand.

One day in June 1962, Sadie hitched the family grill to the back of her station wagon, packed some toys, her children and a couple of lawn chairs and headed down to the busiest local road in the area. She put a sign up that read: "Sadie's Burgers $1.00". She began to cook. Cars and trucks pulled over all afternoon until she ran out of beef. She went home that night with $100 in her pocket.

Today, Sadie's Burgers is a full-blown destination roadside diner in Kansas that serves 4,000 burgers a day. She grew that diner business throughout the 1960's and well into the 1970's.

Last year the owners of Sadie's Burgers chose to sell souvenirs on "Sadie's Burger Days". Shades of Fun! created these fantastic sunglasses for the annual event. We used our own hamburger art -- and it didn't cost Sadie's Burgers a single penny. If we have the art, our customers can use it for free!

We used both our red and Goldenrod yellow style iFC00 sunglasses, black ink in "Creampuff" script font. Whether your business is a hamburger stand like Sadie or a Hot Dog stand or even an ice cream parlor, we have lots of great art for you to incorporate into your customized sunglassses project!

At Shades of Fun!, we offer personalized sunglasses for small and large businesses or clubs. With the best prices on the internet and the fastest, most courteous service, let us impress you with our free art, fonts & service.

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