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A fleet of ice cream trucks used our personalized sunglasses for their entrepreneurial rollout.

A fleet of ice cream trucks used our personalized sunglasses for their entrepreneurial rollout.

A local restaurant chain owner outside of Atlanta decided that he and his partners wanted to develop and old school style ice cream truck business. The owner and his partners had developed a very successful chain of American style diners and wanted to expand the brand.

They decided that a fleet of six ice cream trucks, all done in traditional American styling, was a great addition to their brand.

The business partners experienced many of challenges on their way toward achieving this brand expansion. There are a lot of old gerry rigged ice cream trucks on the used car / truck market, but buying somebody else's truck problems is just that the partners decided.

The decisions was made to use the services of a boutique truck fabricator and worked towards developing this fleet of six ice cream trucks with all brand new construction. This was a very big project. It required a lot of capital from banks and other partner lenders. The restaurant group achieved the financing and the project of creating a fleet of ice cream trucks began.

It was an enormous undertaking, much more expensive than the simple idea of "an ice cream truck". The trucks took 18 months to build. While the fabricators were working on the trucks, the restaurant side of the team created the structure for creating their own ice cream popsicles, ice cream bars, ice cream cones and ice cream sandwiches.

They devoted significant resources, which included warehouse/factory space and personnel to apply toward this unique frozen treat production. Because Atlanta's favorite fruit is the Georgia Peach, the decision was made to include at least one Georgia peach recipe on each truck every day.

When the fleet was finally ready, and the trucks were tested, for freezing points and capacity, the menu of unique ice cream bars and ice cream pops was set.

The Atlanta ice cream truck owners approached Shades of Fun! to create promotional sunglasses to give away during the entire first season of their ice cream truck launch. We were so happy to be part of this very exciting new entrepreneurial venture. We created a fantastic set of sunglasses for their launch season, and the reports from the streets and the suburbs of Atlanta Georgia where that just about everyone there was wearing there Shades of fun promotional sunglasses that entire first summer.

Note: Our customer stories are composites of actual customer backgrounds. Locations and names have been changed to protect our customer's privacy.

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