Get Creative with Sunglasses!

Promotional Sunglasses - Ideas for Brand Marketing

Promotional sunglasses example used by a roadside hamburger stand. Great souvenir idea.
Promotional sunglasses program used by a Farmer's Market to increase visibiity and increase souvenir profits.
Promotional sunglasses program used by a Breast Cancer Research charity enhances outdoor events and increase souvenir profits.
How a Lebanese butcher became the Hot Dog Man of Ohio!
A grand old St Patty's Day Party in Chicago is all the rage! We provide the sunglasses.
How one group uses promotional sunglasses to promote this New England Race Week & Regatta. Our blue is perfect!
Our highest quality customized sunglasses are personalized for this Golf Tournament. High profit margin, great souvenir.
Learn how one company used our high quality sunglasses to make their first trade show a success!
A simple conversation expands our customer base to include Youth Bible Camp groups throughout North America.
Patriotic American sunglasses are a huge success! Use them for your advertising campaign!
Even the folks who make signs want to use promotional customized sunglasses sometimes!
Coolest camp souvenir ever! How about some woodtone sunglasses with your Summer Camp logo!
Personalized sunglasses enhance the fitness center message, 'See yourself clearly'.
Our folding sunglasses are the perfect marketing product for an electronic data storage company.
Our Metallic Sunglasses were a perfect match for a western Auto Dealership! Shiny Chrome lovers!
We loved to help out our local firefighter auxillary with a great campaign of fundraising sunglasses.
A fleet of ice cream trucks used our personalized sunglasses for their entrepreneurial rollout.
The Blessed Day Youth Camp turns to Shades of Fun for their summer camp sunglasses.
We created a very special selection of personalized sunglasses for a Michigan motor speedway.
A Utah community celebrates the opening of a new park with personalized sunglasses!
Advertising sunglasses promote Awards Program for a youth agriculture club in Tennessee.
Environmental activists create interesting slogan and personalize our sunglasses.
Local Bank uses sunglasses to Promote New Accounts with the slogan 'A brighter future is here!
College Freshmen Receives First Gift at School; Sunglasses customized with their graduating year.
Waste management company creates sunglass promotion; Folding sunglasses promote compacting service.
Nail Salon & Day Spa uses red sunglasses to advertise its manicure, pedicure and spa services.
Our patriotic American sunglasses are an enormous success everywhere they go! Use them for your advertising campaign!
Promotional sunglasses can be judged a most unusual product to use for this small law firm's marketing.
Organic Dry Cleaner Tries Green Sunglasses; Our ecology theme art was of value.
Tattoo Parlor uses Sunglasses to Promote Extreme Color Ink; Circle Tattoo's blinding color beats the rest.
Computer repair shop promotes services with sunglasses. Making customers comfortable.
Organic lip balm entrepreneur promotes new product with personalized sunglasses. What better way to protect you from the sun?
Cookie Company starts on a farm. Mother uses cookies to change children's behavior.
Promotional sunglasses in the perfect lime green color form the centerpiece of a big box store promotion for an organic liquid fertilizer.
Promotional sunglasses helped keep awareness of the danger of AIDS out in the public. Red sunglasses help!
Our patriotic American sunglasses are an enormous success everywhere they go! Use them for your advertising campaign!
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