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Learn how one company used our high quality sunglasses to make their first trade show a success!

The Strong family has operated a garden nursery in Pennsylvania for three generations. Their nursery started as a farm of dairy cows and some tomato plants in the 1920s. Grandma Strong had a very green thumb and grew some of the most beautiful beefsteak tomatoes the area had ever seen! Over time, she added canning tomatoes and sauce tomatoes to her gardening. She even included the now famous Roma Tomato.

Grandma Strong was so good at gardening that she often had more tomatoes than her family could use. She began to sell the extra tomatoes on the side of the road on an old crate. She put them out in small wooden baskets. Grandma would ask for a few pennies here or there for these her incredible tomatoes. She sold out her tomatoes every day.

Grandpa Strong was watching. He saw the potential for a fresh tomato stand based on the popularity of his wife's produce. The following season, he tilled a full extra acre just for tomatoes to sell on the old wooden crate and in the old wooden baskets. But that is a lot of tomatoes and a heckuv a lot of work!

The business of selling tomatoes was very good for Grandma and Grandpa Strong. While Grandpa had an eye for sales, Grandma Strong had an eye for the best growth. Tomatoes, that is. Grandma became interested in learning how to create a better tomato for next year from the observing the differences in her own harvested stock. She experimented with propagation techniques and created a great line of tomatoes today that are juicy, colorful and efficient to grow on the farm or in the home garden.

The children of Grandma & Grandpa Strong farmed the land alongside with their parents and so did their children as the years passed. The next generations eventually focused on a different end of outdoor work: commercial landscaping. Within time, the Strong family enterprise expanded into boutique vegetable seed sales, high production tomato propagation and commercial landscaping. All the divisions remain in the Strong family hands, and is privately held. Even today, among gardeners and small commercial farmers, the Strong tomato and vegetable line of seeds and rootstock is held in high esteem and in demand.

Shades of Fun! became involved when the Strong Landscape Contractors used trade show marketing to increase exposure to the regional commercial builders in their home area. They set up a booth showcasing their services, the business history and were invited to speak at associated educational sessions during the trade show weekend. Shades of Fun provided both their signature sunglasses for giveaway at the trade show as well as custom party cups with their company logo.

The beautiful design of the trade show booth for the Strong Landscape Contractors, their impressive history, the services they offer at great value helped to make their appearance at their first trade show a big success. Oh yes, and they gave away 500 of our best sunglasses (all green with black ink) and 250 of our matching custom party cups!

Note: Our customer stories are composites of actual customer backgrounds. Locations and names have been changed to protect our customer's privacy.

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