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Promotional sunglasses can be judged a most unusual product to use for this small law firm's marketing.

There is a law firm in the city region of the Twin Cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis, Minnesota that in its 10 year history has earned an incredible reputation for its overwhelming percentage of winning case history.

Eager to capitalize on their successful track record in the court room as well as in arbitration and deliberation, the law firm hired a professional marketing company who specializes in legal marketing to assist them in expanding potential client awareness of the name of their firm.

It it is not easy for a consumer of legal services nor medical services to uncover the past histories of lawyers or doctors. Do you think that is by design? Lawyers and doctors know very well that full disclosure of their complete record of performance, lawsuits brought and lawsuits won or lost might not be a positive piece of information for a consumer to learn.

And so it is not so much a surprise that the law does not put lawyers and medical professionals feet to the fire when it comes to consumer disclosure of their professional record.

This Minnesota law firm, however, had a very successful track record of winning cases and wanted to highlight their success and not hide behind it at all. The marketing company was hired to determine how best to frame this successful story, to determine how to pinpoint their potential audience and to deliver a positive message that would not ruffle the feathers of the region's competing lawyers. For, at the end of the day, attorneys, like doctors, all need each other and life is long. Good relationships are the lifeblood of all professions.

The legal marketing team put together a multi faceted and many pronged strategy for the Minnesota law firm. Part of the strategy included using a souvenir giveaways at public events to increase awareness and get the name and phone number of the firm out to the public who would otherwise not be aware of them.

Among the many items the law firm used as festival giveaways was the sunglasses customized for them by Shades of Fun! They chose our perfectly clear see through sunglasses, which are in the classic style. On one arm, we in printed the name of the law firm. On the other arm of the sunglasses we printed their website name and telephone number. One of the things about sunglasses the marketing agency knew very well, was that sunglasses are a promotional products that people will keep for a very long time. Since most members of the general public might not lead a lawyer for many months or years thereafter they receive the promotional tie term, the law firm felt that sunglasses were the best choice as they would be cached by the potential client for a very long time.

The Law Firm wanted to highlight their very impressive track record of success in the courtroom. Rather than hide their wins and losses, this firm wanted their potential clients to "be perfectly clear" about who they were going to hire. A perfect match!

Note: Our customer stories are composites of actual customer backgrounds. Locations and names have been changed to protect our customer's privacy.

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