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Promotional Sunglasses - Liquid Fertilizer Marketing

Promotional sunglasses in the perfect lime green color form the centerpiece of a big box store promotion for an organic liquid fertilizer.

The big box store was first introduced in the United States in the last quarter of the 20th century. They were not called "Big Box Stores" at the time. That nickname came into common language about 30 years after the first mammoth retail store opened its doors in America.

There was at the time, and continues to be, a lot of controversy over whether these gigantic retail operations are good or bad for the community and for the local economy. Essentially, the controversy involves opinions that differ as to whether the life in the neighborhood is better served when there are many small, locally owned retail stores which specialize in the goods of their choosing or whether the impersonal nature of a very very large store under one roof is better for the soul of the community.

The stores to offer the opportunity for retailers to serve many thousands of customers each week. For this type of exposure, manufacturers pay special attention to marketing their products at these large big box stores and outlets.

One of our customers, Rock & Grow, introduced an organic liquid fertilizer for the home gardener recently. This liquid fertilizer was one of their many products carried in big box stores and garden centers. Rock & Grow really loved our lime green sunglasses. They try to use our sunglasses for as many promotions as they can because the feedback they receive from customers and store managers is so extraordinary.

In order to help introduce and capture the attention of very busy store customers, Rock & Grow turned to Shades of Fun! to produce customized sunglasses that were personalized for this new product rollout.

Using our lime green sunglasses, we created a two collar imprint on both side arms of the sunglasses.

The artwork was provided by Rock & Grow. As regular customers of ours, Rock & Grow's Art Department knows our manufacturing process prefers to use vector art submissions. Rock & Grow's order of sunglasses to be personalized for the promotion was large enough that we needed a little bit more time than usual to complete production. Because we are a small, flexible company, Shades of Fun! is able to ship out specific quantities to any number of destinations. Our flexibility in this shipping regard enables a customer to save a lot of money and time forwarding products when we can do it right at the manufacturing site.

Rock & Grow scheduled their in-store promotion for two weekends in April in over 100 stores. It was an enormous marketing effort but for customers in the northeast United States for example, the appearance of anything green in the month of April is a completely welcome sight after a long cold winter.

There are many other promotional products a company can choose that are less expensive than personalizing sunglasses for a single event or marketing campaign. But there are few other consumer products that are as beloved as a pair of high quality, colorful sunglasses.

It is well known in the advertising world that sunglasses pack a powerful punch and are a great value given the financial Investment for the advertiser. Companies such as Rock & Grow use sunglasses as often as they can.

Our extensive color collection enables a clever promotions team to find just the right color to match the theme of a particular product, fair or festival. In the case of the product launch of the new liquid fertilizer, our lime green color sunglasses were a perfect match.

Note: Our customer stories are composites of actual customer backgrounds. Locations and names have been changed to protect our customer's privacy.

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