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Local Bank uses sunglasses to Promote New Accounts with the slogan 'A brighter future is here!

The Lifetree Bank in western Montana is always looking for new ways to service their clients. Montana is one of the least populated states in the United States. When a company like Lifetree Bank is graced with a customer, they work very hard to keep that customer for life. Customers in the western part of the USA are tough to catch -- like Buffalo -- and when you get one, you sure want to hold on to them!

Because of this, customers in areas such as this western Montana region receive very special treatment from many key businesses that desire to form a very strong bond with them over a very long period of time. Another way of saying this could be -- customers out there receive a lot of gifts from all types of businesses!

The Lifetree Bank first contacted Shades of Fun! by e-mail through the link on our web sites that reads 'Contact us'. The manager of the bank gave us a brief idea as to what they were trying to achieve and they asked us to recommend one of our styles of customized sunglasses that we felt would best fit their budget and their needs for customer premiums.

We recommended our iMT00 style. This is our metallic sunglasses style and is available in silver, the color of silver coins, 14 karat gold, well -- the color of gold, and the third is a brilliant copper color with a very shiny metallic finish. Just when you thought you didn't have any use for the simple copper penny, out we come with our shiny copper metallic sunglasses. We sent the local bank manager samples of all three of these metallic style of sunglasses.

Ordering a free sample gave the bank manager the opportunity to see up close and personal the sunglasses up for a decision. The bank manager could not decide to choose just one of our own metallic colors, but rather the bank manager chose to include all three of our super hot metallic sunglasses for their promotion. Their advertising agency restructured the bank's promotion as a result to include a color choice for the giveaway sunglasses. As part of their gift, the customer gets to choose which of the three metallic colors they want to choose for themselves. We love this idea!

The local bank manager of the Lifetree Bank used his creativity to think outside the box to create a unique marketing campaign using sunglasses. In so doing, he discovered that we offer silver, gold and copper metallic sunglasses that were just perfect for his bank's marketing strategy. Thinking out of the box -- always a good idea!

Note: Our customer stories are composites of actual customer backgrounds. Locations and names have been changed to protect our customer's privacy.

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