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Computer repair shop promotes services with sunglasses. Making customers comfortable.

Dan Fortune, the owner of a computer repair shop in Pine Bluff, Kansas knew that one of the most difficult aspects of his computer repair business was to convince customers to let their computers go for a period of time for the repair. People's lives and livelihoods are so dependent on their computers and smart phones being in perfect working order, that the downtime that results when a computer does not work properly can be a tremendous source of the anxiety for that customer.

Mr. Fortune has the right personality type to help a customer to calm down as they dropped off their computer. Mr. Fortune himself had been in the personal computer industry since the mid 1980s, when the computer industry itself was just in its infancy. The cause of his vast experience, he was able to detect problems much faster than a younger person might. Turnaround time in the computer repair business is one of its most critical factors for customer satisfaction. It is also the most difficult to determine until the repair person gets inside the software or hardware to determine the cause of the problem.

Troubleshooting computer problems can take days or hours. The ability to locate a problem quickly can be due to the skills that of the repair person, or it could very easily the dependent or the problem itself! Even though these factors are all part of a repair situation, these variables only serve to make a customer even more nervous as they dropped their computer off for repair.

The customer is always worried back to their data will be lost, and of course very few customers actually back up their data properly. So in many cases, for many customers, unfortunately the reality of data laws is very real. And this too contributes to customer anxiety.

Mr. Fortune designed his repair shop to be clean and professional. The shop was always clean, the pictures on the wall were always dusted and Hong street. Everything that was visible to customer in the body of the repair shop was modern clean and had a very efficient appearance. He insisted that his employees dressed conservatively and in a manner so as not to increase that customers' anxiety, but rather to instill confidence.

This brilliant store owner and master computer repair technician also understood that music code the a part of the environment that could increase a customer's nervousness if it were too loud, or the beat was too fast, or if it was of a heavy metal variety. So Mr. Fortune only played music that was classical, or contemporary jazz or even just a simple full rich acoustic guitar.

Mr. Fortune installed a large and very comfortable bench outside his repair shop. He purchased large ceramic garden containers and filled the containers with seasonal flowers and even a large size hibiscus tree that not only would flower, but would provide shade for those sitting on the bench.

Mr Fortune worked hard to help customers to relax while their computer was under repair. He developed a phrase for his shop: it was, "Enjoy the sunshine -- we'll fix it fast." Mr. Fortune wanted his customers to sit outside, slow down just a little bit and try to use the time while they waited as to simply enjoy the sunshine. Anything to take their mind off the devastation of data losses that may follow.

The bench outside Mr. Fortune's computer repair shop began to become a symbol. It was also a magnet for the homeless of the area, who appreciated a beautiful bench on which to sit and spent the hours. Mr. Fortune was smart enough to forge an alliance with the neighborhood homeless population, who learned to leave his bench alone during business hours.

Mr. Fortune was a regular participant in neighborhood festivals and any event where local shopkeepers were given the opportunity to have a booth to promote their services to the people in the area. Shades of Fun! provided Mr. Fortune with personalized sunglasses. The cause of the extreme popularity of the sunglasses as a giveaway, Mr. Fortune learned an interesting strategy. He would only give them away for the first 10 minutes of every hour. Then the giveaway would stop until the next hour struck. And he only gave the sunglasses away for three of the hours of the festival itself. After that, he would tell those who asked to stop by the repair shop and he would be happy to give them a pair of sunglasses there. This was a very interesting way to achieve a lot of the exposure he was looking for from a giveaway item that without blowing an entire payroll in the process.

Note: Our customer stories are composites of actual customer backgrounds. Locations and names have been changed to protect our customer's privacy.

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