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Cookie Company starts on a farm. Mother uses cookies to change children's behavior.

Mary Stone married young and began to have children almost immediately. She herself was from a large family in Indiana, and so to have children at 19-years old was something very familiar to her experience. By the time Mary was 30 years old, she and her husband had six children. Raising six children in an apartment might seem like a lot of children, but for Mr. and Mrs. Stone, they farmed on 400 acres. You can lose six children very easily with that amount of land!

Family farm life in Indiana has not changed dramatically in the last 100 years. There is new and modern equipment, computers operate watering schedules and many other daily chores of the farm. But at its heart, family farming in Indiana is still very hard work that begins before dawn and may not end until after sunset on a good day.

Mary's mother had a knack for a game and Mary had the same talent. Mary's kitchen cabinet was always well stocked with all of the ingredients that one would need to create delicious cookies if you knew how. Mary's ingredients were well beyond flour and butter, though butter remained her most precious and well used ingredient.

Mary enjoyed baking but with six children, she needed every tool possible to inject discipline into her family. Cookies and the denial of those cookies became one of Mary's most interesting parental devices for controlling unruly children at any time of the year. Mary's delicious cookies were a treat that she gave to her children after dinner once during the weekend and one storing the week. When the children were old enough to make group choices, Mary would let the children choose whether they wanted their cookies on Saturday night or on Sunday night. This was another interesting part of Mary's parental strategy: using the cookie choice to develop group decision skills.

Mary herself reserved the right to decide on which they of the week the children would enjoy their night time cookies. It does seem like an extravagance to an outsider, to create such an elaborate game with common cookies. But these were not just coming cookies. They were extra delicious and very used the simplicity of the treats to elevate the status of them, to highlight the special nature of their family group and to teach the children that there are rewards for good behavior.

The other side of Mary's parental strategy was that the cookies would be taken away from the children if there was bad behavior. And Mary followed through. If a child needed to be disciplined, just the threat that the weekend cookie treat would be denied was very often announced incentive for the child's behavior to immediately change.

Mary's Stone's brother was the owner of the local restaurant for miles away in the closest town to them in Indiana. Brother Jim well knew the delights of his sister's cookies. Jim would plead with Mary to make a batch of cookies for his restaurant. When she did, he would place them in his class bakery case right at the front of the store. The wait staff would announce to each table there was a special dessert available that night and to tell them the story of the cookies.

One night, the family of a large local supermarket chain executive ate dinner at Jim's restaurant. It's happened to be one of those magical nights when Mary's cookies were showcased in the bakery cabinet. The supermarket executive loved the cookies and loved the story.

Within weeks, Mary was engaged to enter larger scale production to sell her cookies in all eight of his regional supermarkets.

The marketing team for the supermarket chain listened to Mary's story and even visited her and her family at their home on the farm. When the team saw firsthand how Mary had woven the legend of the cookies into her family, the team decided to name the cookies: No Discipline. They used simple black and white packaging with the name of the cookies, No Discipline right on the packaging.

The Indiana marketing team really like the two-tone sunglasses we offer at Shades of Fun! These sunglasses are either a black base frame with white accents or white base frame with black accents. They are a beautiful pair of sunglasses and work well with the No Discipline cookie packaging.

Note: Our customer stories are composites of actual customer backgrounds. Locations and names have been changed to protect our customer's privacy.
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