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Organic Dry Cleaner Tries Green Sunglasses; Our ecology theme art was of value.

As for the general population becomes more aware of the damage caused by a harsh chemicals in our environment, more and more businesses are turning to gentler solutions for tasks and chores that were previously tackled by hard, harmful chemicals. There are many reasons why people are developing illnesses in significant numbers that were previously unseen.

The grain of wheat, something that seems so very natural to humans and has been around for thousands of years, is now being grown in a chemical environment on the farm that some see as being a cause of so many people developing intolerance toward gluten.

Similarly, chemicals found in soaps and other cleaning agents are becoming harmful to some people who have developed and intolerance to these chemicals. And so in the first part of the 21st Century, companies who produce soap products have sought to create safer cleaning products across all cleaning categories. There are now organic soaps for cleaning clothes, hair, face, skin and of course laundry soap.

Commercial dry cleaners, such as those small mom and pop stores that up here in so many neighborhoods, are also working to create a more chemical free environment for dry cleaning their customers clothing. not all dry cleaners are able to provide an organic environment to clean sensitive customers' clothing. It has become a very expensive specialty.

For those customers, however, who suffer from very sensitive skin, finding and keeping a relationship with an organic dry cleaner becomes an important part of their life. Generally, it is people's work clothes that need to be dry cleaned. And when a person is working, that is not the time they need to be scratching and forming rashes from harsh chemicals that were used to clean their dry cleaned clothes.

Rose Cleaners is a family owned dry cleaner that is now being operated by the third generation. The family wanted to expand into the organic dry cleaning business. They invested a lot of resources into the equipment and expertise for organic dry cleaning. They invested in new signage and expanded the square footage of their retail storefront to accept organic dry cleaning customers into a separate entrance.

Rose Cleaners purchased personalized sunglasses from Shades of Fun! to give away to all their customers promoting their new organic services. When a customer would pick up their dry cleaning, if the price on the ticket was over $15.00, the staff would attach their promotional sunglasses over the hook of the hanger in a poly bag. Inside the poly bag was a small card that explained the new service. Rose Cleaners chose our color green and our color light blue sunglasses to promote the "organic" nature of the new dry cleaning services. The Art Department at Shades of Fun! was able to add a little leaf to the graphic on the customized sunglasses to enhance the organic message of the promotion.

Note: Our customer stories are composites of actual customer backgrounds. Locations and names have been changed to protect our customer's privacy.

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