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Organic lip balm entrepreneur promotes new product with personalized sunglasses. What better way to protect you from the sun?

Sylvia Barnes always loved science classes from the time she was a little girl in grammar school and Southern Kentucky. She won many science awards in school for her projects. She was a little unusual for a girl who was involved with science, that is she was also very involved with the sports programs in school. Sylvia was always a very busy little lady.

Silvia received a scholarship to a prestigious science oriented college in the Chicago area. After graduation she moved to Pennsylvania and began work for a large pharmaceutical firm there. Sylvia was part of a team that developed lending techniques for SPS related products.

The pharmaceutical company had received a large contract from a worldwide clothing manufacturer to develop a methodology does that would bring the protection of the SPF system to outdoor clothing. Sylvia was part of this team and enjoyed her work and learning about the new industry of SPF clothing.

In her own experience, Sylvia experienced cracked and dry lips whenever she participated in an outdoor activities. It did not matter whether it was the summer, spring, fall or winter, Sylvia experience dried lips. If she did not protect them with one of the glossy lip balms, her lips would crack.

In her work as a chemist, Sylvia also began to become interested in the organic movement. The entire organic movement was of interest to her from organic farming for food or the industry of creating products using more environmentally friendly processes. While some people might enjoy fishing as a hobby, or is studying the piano, Sylvia liked to experiment in her own private chemistry lab at home.

This inventive woman applied her considerable skills to forage combining the organic movement with the SPF movement and her own desire for a better more healthy and better prepared with protection medicine.

After much experimentation, Sylvia developed what she felt was the ultimate lip protection. She learned how to fashion her new product into a product delivery case, a la lipstick. Suddenly Sylvia found herself as an entrepreneur. She spent many weeks contemplating whether she wanted to be an entrepreneur or whether the life should remain employed safely within the corporate structure of a pharmaceutical company.

Sylvia worked quietly on her organic lip balm. She called its Sylvia's Lips, it was just that simple. Later, she acknowledged that the name of her contract was influenced by Burt's Bees Balm.

When Sylvia was ready to do a little marketing, she purchased a little portable exhibition tent. She used a white tablecloth over a common portable card table. She created some information sheets for her organic lip balm. And she purchased sunglasses customized with her products name from Shades of Fun! She set out to the local beach boardwalk to promote her lip balm. She give away sunglasses to anyone who made the purchase of a lip balm from her.

Since her organic lip balm contained a important ingredient of corn oil, Sylvia chose a sunflower gold color for all of her packaging. Our company offers a very nice goldenrod yellow color sunglasses available for such personal station. Sylvia found our company online and was divided to learn that hour minimum purchase was just 100 pair. Our low minimum purchase of customized sunglasses enabled Sylvia to launch her product that day on the boardwalk with a very small investment, except for her own professional time. We don't know at this time what the future holds for Sylvia's Lips, but we do know that we'll be very happy to grow with her as her needs for sunglasses increase.

Note: Our customer stories are composites of actual customer backgrounds. Locations and names have been changed to protect our customer's privacy.

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