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Patriotic American sunglasses are a huge success! Use them for your advertising campaign!

A large company that specializes in camping and hunting equipment is very proud of their American heritage. Their business model was born in the USA 15 years ago and they continue to keep just about all of their product manufacturing here in the United States of America. That alone is quite a feat! Kudos!

Ruby Red Sales produces a lot of products that are available in camouflaged print. They offer hunting jackets, hunting shirts, pants, rifles, binoculars and of course, camo baseball caps. Almost all of the products produced by Ruby Red Sales are available in dark sand brown, hunter green and full on jungle camouflaged design.

A few years ago one of their advertising agencies developed a slogan for Ruby Red Sales to use in their advertising campaign. In this campaign there was an American flag. Underneath the flag and alongside of it in clear bold letters, the slogan read, "We don't camo this."

This was a very simple and stirring promotion. The print, video and electronic ads featured just the iconic American flag and simple bold letters in Bebas Neue. A lot of white space around the ad; it's simplicity put it in the category of the simple Absolut Vodka campaign of the late 20th Century as well as the Apple advertising campaign, "Think Different" of the same time period.

Ten years after the company put that spectacular campaign to bed, Ruby Red Sales wanted to test its' magic again by introducing it again in a moderated campaign. Our patriotic sunglasses are a perfect fit with the renewed advertising campaign. The front of our style is in the red white and blue striped pattern, finished in a "working used" style. Some designers refer to this style of less-than-perfect style of finish as "distressed".

The Sales staff at Ruby Red Sales was so enthusiastic and excited about using our patriotic sunglasses! Hundreds of them were distributed inside the company almost instantly. The president of the company practically had to lock the sunglasses up in the company! They were in great demand with the families of the entire company -- especially when they arrived and everyone realized they were of such high quality.

Even though our company did not create the beautiful advertising slogan of the late 20th Century, we were very proud that Ruby Red Sales brought us along with them for this great American ride.

Note: Our customer stories are composites of actual customer backgrounds. Locations and names have been changed to protect our customer's privacy.

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