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If there is one thing we know about sunglasses, it's that when you give them away for free, people will wear them and they will keep them for a long, long time. One other thing we know is that when someone needs a job and want a job, they will go to any length possible to find one.

A start up jobs program in a mid-size Texas city wanted to expand their reach to find qualified and needed job applicants for jobs of all types. The city council for this Texas town received federal grants to increase the exposure of their jobs database. No matter the low employment number assigned to the region, the council felt there was still far too many people of working age out of the workforce.

The city grants writer spend many hours and weeks studying the guidelines for many hundreds of federal grants programs looking for funding to assist the city to increase awareness of their jobs database.

The city jobs database focused exclusively on jobs within the city borders and within a five-mile radius. It was this local focus that separated this Texas jobs database from those of the online databases of Monster and Career Builder, for example.

The intense local focus is the result of a huge and enthusiastic effort on the ground in the city. The jobs database has its own staff of 20 people. More than half of them are "street walkers". Their job is the walk the streets of the city, each assigned to a specific part of the city. The street walkers enter each business they find, introduce themselves and learn about the current job openings of the business and determine what jobs may be upcoming in the future. This is an extremely hands-on approach to uncovering jobs, making them available in real time online to a very local audience of qualified and interested workers.

In order to promote the jobs database, there were funds available through one of these federal grants to purchase souvenir style products. The municipal staff selected Shades of Fun! to customize sunglasses for them. We produced a first lot of 500 pair of one-side imprint sunglasses to the group. These were distributed by the database staff at local community colleges and even to seniors in high school. The staff appeared at the back doors of local malls and shopping centers. Their position at the back entrance was to attract the attention of mall workers and retail managers. The local database included job opportunities for this level of employee to change tracks and to move vertically or laterally into an industry with more opportunity.

Note: Our customer stories are composites of actual customer backgrounds. Locations and names have been changed to protect our customer's privacy.

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