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We created a very special selection of personalized sunglasses for a Michigan motor speedway.

Customized Sunglasses are in great demand. Curl Quartz Speedway has been the scene of motor car races since the late 1920s is in western Michigan. In the 20s, 30s and 40s, mechanics from Detroit's independent startup auto companies would race their own garage creations out on the camped down clay of old Mr Curl's quartz mine.

The inventive mechanics and engineers brought along their families and friends. These weekend afternoons were full of family and fun. There were great picnics and playing games for the families. Children ran all over while their Dads raced around and around in their unusual cars. Curl Quartz became an experimental place for adventuresome people both racing and watching.

Curl Quartz has remained a place of motor racing throughout the decades leading to the present. It is no longer a clay track, but is much more sophisticated with stadium seating, concessions and VIP lounges and suites. Curl Quartz contacted Shades of Fun! last season when they were expanding their promotional merchandise gift shop at the speedway. They expected sales in excess of 5000 pair of sunglasses the first year. Management at Curl Quartz gave us so much advance time to create customize sunglasses for their summer season at the Speedway, we were able to reduce the price of purchase by almost 20% by producing their imprinted sunglasses in factories in Asia.

We were able to use our extensive icon art collection to show Curl Quartz management a variety of styles of personalizing their sunglasses. We used a font known as Letterer Pro, which is the Speedway's signature font. The outline of the roof of a race car is part of the raceway logo. We were happy to include it along with the one word that expresses what Curl Quartz is all about -- Speed!

Note: Our customer stories are composites of actual customer backgrounds. Locations and names have been changed to protect our customer's privacy.

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