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Promotional Sunglasses - Signage Company Giveaway

Even the folks who make signs want to use promotional customized sunglasses sometimes!

A commercial sign maker in western Missouri needed a new idea to help them to promote their business to the business community in their region.

By its very nature a commercial signage business is already in the promotions business. They use ink, paint, metal, glass, fabric and even cars to help their customers promote their business. For however varied a sign maker's available platforms may be, they still need a specialist such as Shades of Fun to produce customize sunglasses for them.

The name of the company was Left Lane Signs. We love the name of this signage company! It is so very clever. Every person understands signs, and the left lane is alway associated with highway driving. The Left Lane is the fast lane -- it's where a driver travels when they want to pass the other vehicles on the road! Left Lane Signs wants its own customers to speed past the competition.

Left Lane Signs was about to expand their own marketing to include attendance at local business fairs and regional business trade shows. These local business exchanges are important events where small businesses hope to familiarize themselves with the kinds of goods and services starting business need. Typically found at these events are: commercial cleaning services, delivery services, refrigeration services, storage, trucking services and even industrial cleaning businesses. So it is a perfect fit for a signage company. In fact, many signage companies are typically in attendance.

To capture attention and make a lasting impression on the small businesses that would be attending these regional fairs, Left Lane Signs wanted to give away sunglasses that included their logo on one side and their telephone number on the other side.

Left Lane Signs was already very familiar with the process of providing us with vector art.

Working with them to acquire good production artwork was super easy for us. They were also very clear on the available imprint area of the side of our sunglasses. They understand how to maximize the space without crowding too much information into the available imprint area. What a pleasure to work with fellow professionals for a beautiful and smooth project! We love our "Regular Joe" customers, who are not familiar with vector art. We work to assist all of our customers to create great art. It's just nice when it's so easy!

We learned later that Left Lane Signs were very happy with the choice to give away sunglasses. They let us know that the reaction of the people to whom they gave these sunglasses was that the customers were very surprised at what good quality they were receiving as a premium gift for absolutely free of charge. Good quality promotional products is the first step toward a successful premium promotion. If the giveaway item is high quality, the target customer is more likely to save the product. Low or poor quality giveaways get thrown away or given to the kids.

Note: Our customer stories are composites of actual customer backgrounds. Locations and names have been changed to protect our customer's privacy.

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