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Promotional Sunglasses - St Patricks Day

A grand old St Patty's Day Party in Chicago is all the rage! We provide the sunglasses.

Just in time for St Patrick's Day! One of our customers throws a really big party for this great Irish holiday in Chicago in March of each year!

The Murphy family of Chicago owns one of the largest auto dealerships in Illinois. William Murphy began selling cars in Chicago in the late 1930s, just as the United States was emerging from the financial crash of 1929. Bill Murphy was charming and had a knack for explaining the mechanics the automobile to the simple people of Illinois. He assured all of his customers they would always find a friendly and affordable repair policy if they purchased their cars from him. Bill rose quickly to out-sell the other start-up car dealerships in the Chicago area.

Bill Murphy loved selling the freedom of the open road to his customers: He saw cars as a way to celebrate freedom and encourage curiosity about the world outside your walkable borders. His enthusiasm for freedom helped others to become infected with that joy and cars were just one way to experience a prosperous American lifestyle.

He was also Irish and loved being Irish! As the Murphy car dealership grew and he had a few extra dollars to spend, Bill Murphy began to throw St Patrick's Day parties at a city park nearby his headquarter's auto dealership. He invited his personal friends, family and select customers from the previous year. The parties were very popular -- William Murphy was a fantastic host, full of charm, wit and a heavy hand when pouring drinks.

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