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Tattoo Parlor uses Sunglasses to Promote Extreme Color Ink; Circle Tattoo's blinding color beats the rest.

In the tattoo business, there are many, many factors that will enable the customer to choose one tattoo artist over another. The tattoo business is one of those very personal businesses -- even more so than a hairdresser -- where the personal relationship to the artist or the quality of artists found in a particular location is very important to the individual customer.

In addition to the competence, skill and creativity of the individuals skin artists, there is a trend developing that offers customers ever more brilliant ink colors. The new ink colors are very expensive, very vibrant and so not all local tattoo shops will offer the new bright inks. the Circle Tattoo Parlor in Boxtree, Michigan invested a lot of money and time in obtaining these new brilliant inks and in training their artists to learn how to use the new ink colors to their best advantage.

Circle Tattoo wanted to promote their new colorful inks and they developed a variety of new marketing activities to do so. Circle tattoo operates a single retail location and is a typically edgy and hip place. For the entire first month they offered the new inks, they brought in a manicurist and offered free manicures to anyone who received a new tack to with their new brilliant ink process.

The manicurist brought along a selection of extremely bright colored nail polishes, including neons to use during the promotional month.

On days when the weather was very good, the manicurist would set up the table outside on the sidewalk. Circle Tattoo set up sandwich board style advertising outside on the sidewalk that promoted the free manicure with the purchase of a new tattoo.

Circle Tattoo also used their very powerful e-mail marketing last to send promotional announcements out to their entire customer base. Their marketing agency worked with the manufacturer of the new inks to create very professional emails that showcased the process.

The ink manufacturer also created custom videos explaining the new inks. These videos were positioned on Circle Tattoo's YouTube channel, and really elevated the stature of this small town to shop via their collaboration with the ink manufacturer. This used to be called co-sponsorship or co-op advertising.

Another part of their marketing strategy was to offer giveaways sunglasses in many brilliant scholars to accentuate the colorful inks that were the basis of the new offer. Shades of Fun! was very happy to produce promotional sunglasses for Circle Tattoo. The store used a retail sunglass display and placed our sunglasses on the display. When the weather was cool and the manicurist was outside, they moved the retail sunglasses display outside and a staff member from Circle Tattoo would hand out the customized sunglasses to passersby they considered to be a good candidate for a new tattoo.

A very effective method of advertising is co-op advertising. In this category of marketing, the manufacturer of an item cooperates with the distributor of the item to create advertising. They share in the cost of advertising the item. The manufacturer will likely have more resources than the distributor and will be able to provide more sophisticated media to the distributor to use in their local advertising. This strategy upgrades the aura of the distributor and increases the avenues of sale for the manufacturer.

Note: Our customer stories are composites of actual customer backgrounds. Locations and names have been changed to protect our customer's privacy.

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