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A simple conversation expands our customer base to include Youth Bible Camp groups throughout North America.

Margaret Danes, the longtime secretary to Reverend Noah Montgomery, found Shades of Fun while searching for inexpensive sunglasses to order for the Summer Youth Camp. Ms Danes saw the toll-free telephone number, saw the Eastern Standard Time zone and telephoned.

Ms Danes told our rep she was not sure which style of our sunglasses collection would be right for her summer camps. In discussion, we both agreed our least expensive sunglasses, the iWY00 style were the perfect match for the Pealy Baptist Camp children. She was grateful for the advice; we were grateful for the order of 1000 pair of colorful sunglasses!

With his own fond memories of summer bible camp close to his heart, our Customer Service representative, Jeremy, asked Ms Danes to tell him a little bit more about her church's camp. Margaret was happy to tell Jeremy more about the fabulous summer program she prepared for the young people who would attend.

The Youth Bible Camp would attend the local County Fair in late August, visit a cotton farm and learn more about farming and slavery history, take a long bus ride that starts at 6 am to the beautiful beaches of Gulfport, Mississippi and the enjoy an enormously popular trip to Grand Paradise Waterpark.

Jeremy was nostalgic and jealous and riveted by the summer plans described by Ms Danes. He asked her how much time during the day were devoted to actual Bible study. She described how the first 30 minutes of almost every day at Camp were dedicated to Bible lessons. Ms Danes also indicated that every bus trip included prayers before the journey and prayers at the end of the bus ride.

The kids go to the battleship!

Jeremy thanked Ms Danes for her time and her order, but she was not quite ready to let him off the phone. She asked, "Don't you want to hear about our biggest trip of all?" "Sure!", Jeremy quickly replied. Ms Danes went on to describe the annual trip the older children take to Battleship Memorial Park in Mobile, Alabama. The park is an enormous park on the western shore of Mobile Bay in Mobile, Alabama. It celebrates military equipment highlighted by the USS Alabama battleship, an enormous collection of planes from wars past, a submarine and even tanks and a gun boat. The older children of the Pealy Youth Bible Camp spend an overnight at the sleepover accommodations of the park. They receive personalized guided tours of the battleship and submarine. Ms Danes told Jeremy that of all the fantastic programs the children experience all summer, the sleepaway at Battleship Park was the highlight.

Jeremy was so impressed with the delightful Ms Danes and apparently, Ms Danes was impressed with Jeremy. Six weeks after their conversation, Jeremy was surprised to receive the Pealy Baptist Church Bulletin. Ms Danes sent it to him along with a post-it note on which she wrote. "Enjoyed our conversation so much. We included a story about your company in our little bulletin. Best wishes, Margaret Danes".

Within weeks after the little southern Baptist Church newsletter appeared we noticed a distinct uptick of orders for customized sunglasses from Youth Bible Camps all over the United States. Ms Danes' article was read by Ministers all over the country who marked it with a red pen and sent it the camp directors. A sanction such as Ms Danes gave our company gave us all a nice boost!

In business and in life, it pays to be nice and interested in your customers.

Note: Our customer stories are composites of actual customer backgrounds. Locations and names have been changed to protect our customer's privacy.

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