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The Blessed Day Youth Camp turns to Shades of Fun for their summer camp sunglasses.

The Blessed Day Youth Camp is associated with a group of great Baptist churches in eastern Ohio. To save on the expense of organizing, staffing and managing a full-scale summer camp program for teenagers, a group of six Christian churches formed a partnership several years ago. This partnership would have been difficult to imagine decades ago when the Christian faith in eastern Ohio was filling churches every Sunday with overflowing and devout faithful. Difficult to imagine because with the kind of parishoner plentitude these churches enjoyed, there was enough capital to support a single church congregation without diluting their resources with a co-partnership.

In the early part of the 21st Century, more and more people began to drift away from attending churches in eastern Ohio and throughout the United States and the neighboring Canada.

Churches of all denominations began to look to their neighboring pastors to keep programs financially viable for all churchgoers. One of the programs the pastors knew was of critical importance to all of their regions and congregations was the continuation of the Bible Study Youth Camps.

Teenagers are particularly restless and in need of supervision in summertime. Teens who are part of structured activity programs are more likely to become successful adults. These youth learn more positive skills that equip them to handle the complex demands of adulthood and professional life.

When Shades of Fun! was asked to help the Blessed Day Youth Camp create a design for their summer sunglasses, we headed right to our design board to work on it.

We suggested our yellow sunglasses to the camp directors. The camp after all is named, "Blessed Day", so we liked the idea of playing the yellow as the brilliant light of the sunshine. We chose black ink for the two sided imprint. Black, of course, makes the strongest contrast against the yellow frame of the sunglasses. We chose a font named "Cheeseburger" for both sides of the imprint. The crucifix on one side seemed quite logical for a Christian camp. On the other side, the camp wanted to highlight their favorite nighttime activity -- the campfire. Our artists located a beautifully simple icon for a campfire. We were able to use the royalty free icon and blend it into a nice phrast for a beautiful set of Christian sunglasses for this Ohio Christian camp.

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