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Engaged couple designs a comic character wedding based on Dr Seuss Cat in the Hat theme.

Wedding favors included blue wigs, red clear lens sunglasses, bow ties, head boppers, candy and photo booth pictures.

Sally and Bill met at a local bookstore in Grand Rapids many years ago. They had actually seen each other in that very same bookstore months and months earlier. That was before Bill developed the nerve to catch Sally's attention and engage in stranger banter. This quaint local bookstore boasted novels and classics and the most current fiction and non-fiction books on the market, yet these two young fans were actually in the comic book section when they both spotted the other. Both these native Wisconsonians shared a real affection for the comic book genre. Since they were in their youth, each marveled at the heroics of their favorite comic book characters. They loved the dialogue and related to the characteristic comic book character's life of loneliness.

While their taste in reading led them to comics, they differed in the action styles they most admired. Sally preferred the romance; Bill always went for energetic action. Nonetheless, they both agreed: they loved the Dr Seuss series, The Cat in the Hat.

As their romance blossomed, they began to collect items related to The Cat in the Hat. They made investments in signed books, or in first editions of various Cat and the Hat books and other related materials.

So it really was not a big surprise to any of their friends or family, when they decided to marry, Sally and Bill chose a Cat in the Hat theme for their wedding. Their family and friends were sort of alarmed in a private way. Their families wondered how far would these to go to spin and weave the theme into their wedding. Would all the guests be given tall stovepipe hats with bold red and white stripes as wedding favors and have to wear them for the wedding ceremony?

As it turns out, Sally and Bill actually created a really truly wonderful and whimsical wedding for everyone. They worked with a local confectioner, who created wonderful Cat in the Hat theme wedding favors for them in the form of chocolate candy. There were chocolate-covered lollipops as well as boxes of candy in the theme that the guests could take home as wedding favors.

This Midwestern couple were married in the same venue at which the reception was held. Outside of the giant room where the wedding took place, there were delightful blue colored signs that pointed the way to the wedding reception area, which they called Seussville. The signs were replicas of the kind of signage depicted in the book series. The font used and the design of the signs were exactly replicas of the signage in the books with directions towards the Fantastic the fantasy Village Seussville.

There were many wedding favors with the theme in use during the reception. There was a photo booth with all sorts of theme favors and accessories. There were a lot of head poppers, including blue hair thing poppers, red eyeglasses with clear lenses, those striped stovepipe hats and trademark red bow ties.

One of the greatest wedding favors of all time were the three finger white gloves that were in a basket on each reception table. As the music became more dance intense, guests would grab a pair of three finger gloves and just go crazy out onto the dance floor. If you have never seen a comic character theme dance floor with a hundred guests wearing those cartoon-like white gloves, well you simply haven't been to a great wedding!

One of the favorite images for Sally and Bill was the picture that was taken during the wedding reception of all four of their grandparents wearing the theme head boppers. Grandpa Al wore ""The Thing"" blue hair bopper, Grandma Anna wore the fish bowl head bopper, Grandpa John wore a big red bow tie and the three-finger white gloves. Finally, Grandma Kate wore a giant tall floppy striped hat as her favorite wedding favor. What a wonderful time everyone had.

Wedding Favors, Cat in the Hat theme wedding:

  • Photo booth images
  • Theme head boppers
  • Blue wigs
  • Red clear lens sunglasses with wedding date imprint
  • Comic character theme lollipops and candy
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