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A daisy theme wedding creates the opportunity to use creative props like ostrich feathers and personalized sunglasses to turn guests into Hollywood celebrities.

Using ingenuity and clever design, engaged couple used the daisy theme to craft a warm and beautiful wedding as a special event.

It was bride-to-be Mia's big idea to plan a themed wedding. Her fiancé was nowhere near as sure he wanted a theme wedding. James wanted to get married simply. In attendance would be his parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings, close friends -- that kind of wedding. He did not want Cookie Monster at his wedding. He did not want Superman or Batman flying in and performing good deeds that saved the world at his precious wedding. He waited patiently and listened as Mia ruminated over concepts. He smiled and listened politely, but really did not participate in these "discussions". Mia spent many hours considering various themes, eliminating one first, then the other. She became enamored of the idea of a daisy theme wedding. Surely she loved the cheery little flower. There could be a lot of integrations of the daisy idea into her wedding. She really warmed to the idea. She locked eyes with James. He agreed. Her fiancé told her she made a wonderful decision, he was very enthusiastic.

Mia was full of, what turned out to be, really wonderful ideas with daisies in focus. The bride-to-be found a terrific local floral arranger who had a wonderful portfolio of creative weddings and other special event bouquets and arrangements. This professional florist showed the bride the full range of daisy types which would be possible to incorporate into her floral designs. Mia was astonished at the variety of her favored flower that was available. With a combination of white petal Shasta daisies and yellow petal daisies including verbena's, together, they designed stunning and beautiful bouquets for the bridesmaids. The centerpieces for the bridal party table as well as each individual guest table at the reception was adorned by floral arrangements with the primary flower of white petal daisies and sweet butter yellow centers.

The florist created super sweet boutonnieres for the groomsmen with daisies surrounding a large glass faceted yellow gemstone. Truly unusual. The gemstone alone was a great wedding favor memento for the wedding party. Wedding favors for the groomsmen and several close friends and family members were custom made sets of playing cards in custom cases. The background image of the playing cards was the field of daisy image, the clear plastic case snapped tightly closed to keep the daisies fresh forever.

The bride also located a local baker with a great local reputation for creative confections and baked goods. She chose an absolutely adorable wedding cake with four tiers, soft butter yellow icing and an elegant cascade of sugar-made daisies waterfalling down the tiers into a daisy puddle at the bottom. She was so very happy with the cake, she showed the photograph of the sketch to her fiancé. He loved it very much as well.

Mia's own craftiness came through. At the local craft store, she found plenty of inspiration. She found lots of artificial daisy options in the floral department. She crafted daisy theme napkin rings from the materials she located in the local craft store. The entire daisy theme created a bright, airy, lighthearted vibe for their wedding.

She found wonderful color photographs of fields covered in beautiful daisies. Mia used a photography service to enlarge the photographs. In one case, the end result image was 10 feet wide and 8 feet in height. The image was printed on foldable, roll able poster paper. The event planning staff stretched the large image out along a wall just outside the main entryway to the wedding reception. Arriving guests had to walk by the wall of daisies. A photographer was stationed there and turned the image backdrop into a celebrity walk of fame.

Using our company, Shades of Fun!, the bride and groom purchased 200 pair of our bright lemon yellow sunglasses. Imprinted on the sides were the date of their wedding and a daisy logo created especially for the married couple. As each person approached the theme wall, the photographer's assistant gave them some yellow-theme props. Some had yellow stovepipe hats; others had yellow old school derbies. The ladies were offered dramatic sling style hats with yellow and white ostrich feathers on top and cascading off the side.

Each guest posed in front of the field of daisies image, smiled for the camera and took a celebrity-Hollywood like photograph. Each image was processed during the reception, inserted into a sweet cardboard folding frame. The frame included the couples wedding date, place and of course, a splash of daisies. Using the seating chart from the bride, the event planning staff quietly placed each "celebrity photograph" on the reception table at the guest's assigned seat. With their yellow hats and bright yellow wedding sunglasses, the guests were instantly in a mood to party and laugh and really get into the joy of the wedding reception. As wedding favors go, this was spectacular.

Wedding favors, daisy theme wedding:

  • Sunglasses personalized with wedding logo
  • Framed photograph of guest dressed with yellow props
  • Centerpiece vase: a custom imprint beer pint glass that held a bouquet of daisies
  • Pack of playing cards, daisy theme color photograph background
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