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A literature-loving couple creates a Sherlock Holmes style crime to use as a detective mystery theme wedding

Wedding favors were found in a hollowed out hardcover book, including personalized logo sunglasses and the most famous detective fiction series of all time.

It was Tyler's brother who had the idea at first to throw a themed wedding. Alyssa was not into it, nor was Tyler. But Tyler's brother Steve truly loved the idea for his brother and bride to host a themed wedding. How odd is that? A brother, not involved in the role of bride or groom, pressures through friendly, loving, warm but aggressive conversation, that the engaged couple throw themselves a themed wedding. Odd.

Steve is the non-groom brother and is a truly creative and persuasive fellow. With many opportunities to convince Tyler and Alyssa to choose one of his theme ideas, Steve maintained a steady pulse of conversation about a themed wedding to his brother and his bride.. Steve discussed one theme idea after another in hopes of hitting, like buckshot on a clay pigeon, on an idea that would capture their imagination. After each new idea, no matter the enthusiasm involved, neither Tyler nor Alyssa were persuaded.

But then one day Steve surprised the engaged couple with a novel idea. He introduced something unique to them, a concept for a wedding they had never heard, nor considered. Steve described a wedding that was part of a fantasy detective story – a crime mystery. He relayed the concept in vivid detail. There would be mysterious wedding invitations that would begin to set up the aura for the wedding event series. The mystery would extend in parts through the bachelor party, the bachelorette party, the engagement party, the rehearsal dinner and finally the wedding ceremony and the reception. Steve would design a crime mystery woven through all these events. He promised there would be great expectation, ambition and excitement.

The highlight of the event sequence would be the discovery of the solution of the crime. This grand finale would occur during the wedding reception, after the ceremony and while the guests were well lubricated. Steve created a very intricate series of details that finally intrigued his brother and his bride-to-be. Tyler and Alyssa agreed to work on the detective and crime theme wedding. Both Tyler and his bride to be were inveterate readers of fiction books. Steve found their sweet spot.

The engaged couple embraced the theme with 100% enthusiasm. Centerpieces: two-foot tall plastic mock magnifying glasses surrounded by white and red flowers as centerpieces for each guest table at the reception. They found a fabrication machine shop to create the simulated magnifying glasses. The price was not outrageous either. In a unique idea, Steve offered to donate the leftover oversize items to the local high school drama department. Wedding favors one day, theater props the next.

To complement the magnifying glass, the couple added black frame clear lens eyeglasses to the list of themed wedding favors at the affair. The chose our company, Shades of Fun, to custom imprint their wedding logo on the sidearm. We were so happy to do so.

Steve had to choose the kind of crime which would serve as the centerpiece of the wedding with care. A murder mystery was inappropriate. Any kind of violent crime was an improper choice. Steve developed the idea the crime would be a high class crime: the theft of a vintage and rare book owned by one of the guests. The trusted friend of a wealthy philanthropist conspired with others in a plot filled with twists and turns to steal the most prized book in Mr Weatherfield's collection. A wonderful fantasy crime, filled with colorful and charming characters, cleverly presented. The centerpiece of the detective and crime theme wedding was a big success.

There were many wedding favors that were unique to the theme at this wedding. One of the early decisions was to determine which time period and which geographical location to place the fictional crime event. London in the 19th Century, a Sherlock Holmes style event? Or New York, the bette noir style of crime drama in the 20th Century, dark alleys and tall buildings? The wedding decorations, the wedding favors, the entire culture of the event would be determined by this very first decision. Because the crime involved the theft of a rare book from the 15th Century, they went with the London theme of detective mystery.

They found Sherlock Holmes style hats with ear flaps and actors to play some of the cast. The theatrical director brought in a fog machine to simulate the famous London fog. Alyssa traveled to thrift shops and book stores all over the area. She bought several hundred old discount hardcover books – very inexpensively – and used them for props all around the reception hall.

One of the most clever and most labor intensive ideas they had was to create unique wedding favors within the book theft theme. Alyssa and Tyler spent many nights literally carving out the pages of 100 hardcover books. They created a cavity inside the book. Into this hole, they placed their wedding favors.

Wedding favors, detective crime mystery theme:

  • A compass, magnetic style, pocket size
  • Clear lens eyeglasses, imprint on side with wedding theme
  • A rain poncho, for rainy nights on stakeout
  • *Amazing Alert* The full collection of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes crime mystery novels. From "A Scandal in Bohemia" written by him in 1892 to "The Hound of the Baskerviles" to his last novel, "The Adventure of the Copper Beeches". The novels were put into the cloud in various formats and made available to each guest to download. They could download for Kindle, Google books, or just plain text or even pdf.
  • Pub Glasses imprinted with the wedding logo
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