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Kansas couple designs cartoon Superhero themed wedding

Selects wedding favors of life size cutout photo opportunity, Superhero theme custom candy and theme personalized sunglasses.

Jill and Tony met while both of them were working at a garden center in Topeka, Kansas. Jill earned an advanced degree in commercial horticulture, Tony was the master landscaper for this midwestern garden and landscape company. Jill was thrilled with her position at the garden center. It enabled her to remain in close proximity to her family and to put her degree to excellent use. She loved being able to help her family, friends and neighbors with their gardening problems and questions.

Jill and Tony were able to get to know each other very well, working with around dirt will do that to you, Jill was fond of saying. When the couple decided to marry after just six months of dating, they began to discuss the type of wedding they both might like. It would seem a no-brainer, a natural thought, for Jill and Tony to plan an outdoor wedding, filled with brightly colored flowers and enormous sprays of dramatic flora.

But both the bride and the groom had different ideas for their own wedding. Since childhood, both of them had coincidentally been big comic book fans. They saw their wedding as an opportunity to create a most whimsical and fantastic comic book themed wedding. They felt that they would have gardening and flowers and wonderful natural things in their lives for the rest of their lives, that once in a lifetime – for their wedding -- they would have a themed wedding, and they wanted to make it truly memorable.

The engaged couple needed to find some key vendors who would work with them to create their fantasy comic book wedding. They found a graphic artist who was able to provide them with lots of creative ideas for their wedding. The first idea the artist created, was a mock-up of both Jill and Tony dressed as Superheroes. In the typical action flying and posing pattern of action heroes, the artist created "Save the Date" wedding invitations with this exciting original graphic on the front of the card. This was the first of many wedding favors themed to follow.

Local artists who created candy, artisanal candy makers, were located. These artists were contracted to create both chocolate-covered candies and cake-based confections. In addition, the engaged couple wanted hard sugar candies all wrapped in various comic book hero themes. The candies would be available at the cocktail hour portion of the wedding reception. There would be a selection of these wonderful artist confections included in the basket of wedding favors each guest would be able to take home and enjoy after the wedding.

Some of these candies were placed in baskets for the cocktail hour, then more candy was in baskets on each wedding reception table. A box of goodies and treats that served as takeaway wedding favors. More candy with that superhero-themed or inside the take away gift basket presented to the wedding guests.

The bride and the groom bought mini action figures; characters across the board of the superhero genre. They gave them to their local florist. The florist created Superhero boutonnieres for the groomsmen and the Superhero themed flower bouquets for the bridesmaids.

Jill and Tony contacted our company, Shades of Fun, to create custom personalized sunglasses for their wedding. They had some ideas using superhero style cartoon fonts, and we were able to accommodate them by designing a wonderful package of custom sunglasses for them to use at their themed wedding. Sunglasses are a perfect wedding favor, and when used to accentuate the theme of a wedding, are a wonderful value and much cherished wedding favor to take home by the guests.

Aside from the actual joining of the man and the woman, the marriage ceremony, one of the highlights of the wedding reception was the full life size photo board set up just outside the wedding reception room. It was a life-size image of a male and female superhero in full costume, with cape flowing. The faces were cut out, carnival-style and a photographer was set up for a full hour. Guess who wanted to have their photograph taken as superheroes, filed outside and put their face into the cut out holes, and for an instant and then the image for forever the guests themselves became the superheroes of the day.

The bride and groom also included superhero themed Pez dispensers. They placed these into the gift basket full of wedding favors that went home with each guest who wanted it.

Wedding Favors for Superhero themed wedding:

  • Custom candy wrapped in superhero theme wrapping
  • Sunglasses in superhero theme colors with imprint
  • Photos using life size superhero poses with faces cut out
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